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Commercial demolition and residential demolition 

Did you just purchase a property with a tear-down home or building?  Maybe you’d like to finally level that old barn or garage and rebuild a new one?  Whatever your reason for demolition of your structure it’s not as simple as just flattening it.  Depending on the age of the structure and the materials it contains (lead or asbestos) there are many safety precautions that might need to be taken.

DiFranco Contractors Inc. is a general contractor serving Northeastern Ohio with a long list of services.  We specialize in the demolition and removal of residential structures such as houses, shops, barns, garages and even small commercial structures.  Using hands and heavy equipment the building will be stripped of recyclables and the debris will be loaded up and hauled away.  We’ll leave your property as if there wasn’t even a trace of the old structure (or our presence either!).

House and Small Building Demolitions in Northeast Ohio

  • House demolition and tear-down

  • Garage demolition and tear-down

  • Old buildings and structure teardowns

  • Construction debris removal

  • Pool Demolition and Poll Filling

  • Concrete removal and disposal

Hauling Away of Debris

Construction debris must be hauled away and removed properly in accordance with any local by-laws in your municipality.  It also must be disposed of correctly and in the proper places.  We’ll make sure that your demolished structure is appropriately handled and we’ll leave no trace behind.

Our Demolition Team

Prior to commencing any demolition project, the team at DiFranco Contractors collaborates with everyone involved to make certain that the work proceeds in a smooth, safe and timely manner. The working relationships we have established facilitate rapid mobilization and impressive efficiency. We are able to coordinate with municipal authorities to obtain permits, with utilities in order to ensure disconnection of water, power and gas and with qualified subcontractors able to tackle asbestos removal and pest control work.

High Quality Employees

We hire only those laborers, machine operators and truckers who are fully invested in the work they perform for our clientele.  All such individuals are highly experienced in handling demolition jobs and are committed to doing all jobs promptly, on-budget and in compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

Scope of Services

The team at DiFranco Contractors possesses vast experience in handling total demolition of residential, industrial and commercial structures of all types.  A family-owned enterprise in Chardon, Ohio, our reputation for unrivaled service dates back to our incorporation in 1996. We are proud to bring more than a quarter-century of demolition know-how to perform  the work we accept.

Services in Detail

When it comes to providing the supervision, equipment, labor and materials necessary for a safe and comprehensive demolition job, DiFranco Contractors is ready to deliver. Bonded, licensed and insured, we strive to offer demolition clients an unsurpassed level of trustworthy service.

Industrial and Commercial Jobs

Our experience encompasses an array of industrial and commercial demolition projects. There are certainly times when work of this nature calls for progressive or surgical partial tear-downs, which we can provide without delay. In the case of industrial demolition, we are prepared to address the environmental concerns and remediation needs such jobs often produce. Our extensive network of skilled subcontractors only enhances our capabilities in this realm.

Residential  Demolition Contractor Pool Demolition

Our history of demolition work also covers countless tear-downs of single and multi family residential properties in Northeast Ohio. Such structures include those built of stone, brick or even wood frames. The work we do is performed with great care so as to safeguard the structures on either side. All debris resulting from these jobs is sorted on the work site in order to determine what can be recycled or re-used. Our team works to ensure that the entire site is cleared, hauling all remaining debris to the proper facilities. Lastly, holes left at the site of the demolition are filled in with dirt or stone and fully leveled in the interest of safety as well as future development.

Safety is Always Top Priority

Let there be no doubt that safety is a top priority on every site at which DiFranco Contractors render demolition services. Prior to any project’s start date, the site is subject to a comprehensive hazard review. Following that, a plan is formulated and implemented to prevent mishaps, injuries or worse. Dust control protocols, fencing installation requirements, equipment safety measures and protective clothing standards are all carefully followed in every instance. The team at DiFranco Contractors pledges to work in a conscientious manner that is in full compliance with all employee safety regulations.

Salvage and Recycling Initiatives

All on-contaminated, non-hazardous debris produced by a demolition job is carefully salvaged or recycled by DiFranco Contractors. Common materials handled in this way include scrap metals, masonry, plumbing fixtures, pipes, shingles, asphalt, insulation, glass and landscaping remains.

In addition to collecting recyclable and salvageable demolition debris, we also closely monitor how the materials are handled by the applicable service providers who accept them. It is our goal not just to meet, but rather to exceed the recommendation of the Department of Public Health that no less than half of all demolition debris that can be recycled actually be processed in that manner.

Hire a Demolition Contractor with Care

When you choose us to demolish and remove your structure you get instant access to our decades of experience, honesty, and professionalism.

Request an estimate to demolish and remove an old or unused structure then please by calling 440-946-2029 or submitting the form.  DiFranco Contractors wants to be your demolition contractor!