Gravel Driveway Restoration Contractors

Chagrin Falls Ohio

Gravel Driveway Repair Service

Gravel driveways and crushed stone driveways are the most popular driveways in Rural towns across America. When installed properly, these provide a durable and inexpensive driveway solution for most homes.

For many years gravel driveways were constructed of aggregates that are available locally. These can include crushed river rock, limestone, granite, sandstone and other materials locally available.

Today with a movement to green building movement, recycled materials have become very common. These materials are made from recycled concrete and asphalt. Many times these crushed materials are just as good as virgin materials at a very economical price.

For a properly installed new gravel driveway in Northeast Ohio, the first step is to remove any organic material dow to a solid clay sub base or sand, if that’s what’s native. Many times, a filter fabric is layed down to keep the soils from entering the gravel. The next step is to install a larger stone usually commonly referred to one and two’s which can be crushed limestone, concrete or asphalt. These stones are usually fist sized stones that stabilize the base. The next material used is usually also the finish layer. This stone or gravel is usually referred to #411 or #304 and consists of powdery gravel and aggregate up to one and a half inches. These layers of gravel are usually spread and compacted by machinery.

DiFranco Contractors specializes in installation of all gravel driveways, gravel parking lots and construction driveways.