Masonry Contractors in Willoughby, Ohio

masonry contractors in Willoughby, OH

Information On DiFranco Contractors

If you have property in Northeast Ohio or are managing property there, you can depend on DiFranco Contractors for any restoration work, rebuilding or repairs to masonry. The work that this firm undertakes can range from any small repairs that your home needs to any large commercial restoration projects you may have. This firm, DiFranco Contractors, is known in Northeast Ohio for its ability to undertake any historical restoration of buildings and their masonry. Their work is not limited to undertaking only restoration projects. We can handle any masonry work can perform complex repairs to any structure.  We provide quality workmanship, which gives us frequent referrals from other contractors, insurance companies, realtors and home inspectors.

Repairs to Stone Chimneys or Stone Walls

Many of these parts of homes give a home its personality and as a building gets older, these may require some form of repair. Even a solid brick wall will require some care after a few years. We, at DiFranco Contractors, are the experts who can meet all your needs at a reasonable price, while ensuring the safety and beauty of your masonry.

Even things that are tough can break, and bricks are not an exception to this rule. The trapping of water below a brick’s surface will cause it to crumble and crack over a period of time, and then it will need to be repaired or replaced. Loose bricks in a wall or chimney can not only look bad but also provide an avenue for extending the damage.

Repairs to Chimneys

Northeast Ohio has winters that are quite severe, summers that are hot and sweltering and weather that is in between these frigid and hot conditions. This pattern of weather can lead to a deterioration in masonry structures. To have a chimney in working condition, there may be a need for some preventive maintenance.

We, at DiFranco, specialize in solving all problems in chimneys, whether they are big or small. Our professional teams have a lot of experience in this field.

When you ask us to undertake chimney repair, we can:

Repair your chimney or fireplace
Repair a leaking chimney
Tuckpointing and lining for chimneys
Attend to waterproofing and crown seals
Rebuild your chimney
Restore your fireplace

We have repeatedly seen chimney maintenance being neglected and are called in only after an issue occurs. DiFranco does specialize in repairs to chimneys, restoration of chimneys, their rebuilding and many more jobs.

Rebuilding a Chimney

DiFranco is locally owned and operated and has a reputation in Northeast Ohio, that we treasure when we undertake the rebuilding of chimneys that add  value to your home.

Our experience has had us handling difficult and delicate rebuilds of chimneys in Northeast Ohio. There can be many reasons that require the rebuilding of a chimney. Every chimney in every home is different and this does make rebuilding them a difficult task. Our experts will meet any needs that you have while ensuring economy, beauty, and safety.

Chimneys can be severely damaged by water, foundation settlement, lighting strikes or other reasons that will require them to be rebuilt. Bricks that come loose or deteriorating mortar can also lead to debris that can cause damage to structures landscaping or vehicles. They can also fall into chimneys and block the flow of gases, which in turn can lead to poisoning from carbon monoxide. Defective chimneys can also lead to water leaks that can damage the inside of the chimney and also your home.


Why you need to Choose DiFranco Contractors Inc for Your Construction Needs?

Gianni DiFranco (owner) still has the old school commercial enterprise motto where he bids the work himself and works along with his team who completes the work under his supervision.

With over two decades of experience and with hundreds of satisfied clients, you will be happy with the work we do.  When you demand quality work at an reasonable prices, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc.

Please contact us for any of your masonry repair needs in Willoughby, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

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