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Concrete Doesn’t Need To Be Dull and Boring!

We specialize in decorative and stamped concrete and service the entire 44139 zip code !

Stamped concrete is a versatile, inexpensive and durable solution to replicate beautiful paving materials such as cobblestone, slate and brick. It is was beautiful as these materials, its biggest advantages being that it is less expensive, more durable and much easier to install.

Natural stone and masonry pavers don’t offer such a wide array of choices. Stamped concrete can match the personal preferences of the homeowner much better, because it can be shaped in pretty much any type of texture and color. All you need to do is to pick your favorite stone, and then have its impression pressed in the concrete. This makes it very easy to integrate your driveways into any landscape design, without having to spend a lot of money for that.

 Low Maintenance

Thanks to ist durability and endurance, stamped concrete is one of the best choices available today. Much more beautiful than traditional concrete, stamped concrete has the same excellent properties that can make it last for a very long time. It only needs minimal maintenance to preserve its look.

Stamped concrete is protected by a clear seal which gets applied  after pouring. This sealer is also a cure which allows the concrete to achieve its design strength. The result is a very strong surface, very resistant to dirt, grease and stains. Depending on the usage, you need to follow the proper maintenance rules. In order to prevent dirt buildup, you have to clean the surface with a mild detergent. Power washing is also effective. You should avoid using deicing salts, especially in the first year. Besides, you need to remove all fresh snow as quickly as possible. If you want to maintain the glossy look of the stamped concrete, you should apply the clear seal yearly or every two years.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete?

If you want the beautiful look of exquisite paving materials, but you also need the durability and the strength of concrete, stamped concrete is the way to go, as it offers you the best of both worlds. We can use placement techniques to add various textures, thus creating stunningly beautiful replicas of various materials such as cobblestone, flagstone, slate and brick. We can replicate even wood flooring, if you want. This is the easiest method to obtain the kind of look you need, but with much better durability and resistance.

Stamped concrete will make your patio or your driveway last much longer, while also allowing you to create the pattern and the texture you desire, compared to natural materials. Our stamped concrete will help you create the specific look you want. With proper care and maintenance, you won’t have to replace it too soon, as it can look its best for decades.

Thanks to our special laying technique and our expert technicians, our stamped concrete can provide you a versatile and fairly inexpensive flooring solution for your personal or commercial construction project. While other materials are rather limited in scope, stamped concrete is suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, our coloring services will enable you to obtain the exact finish you are after. We can shape, imprint and color your stamped concrete to make it unique and personal. This is perhaps the most flexible method to integrate your patio or driveway into the landscape and into the overall atmosphere of your property.

How the imprinting process works

The stamping process is an additional stage to regular concrete placing process. Coloring is the first step to be applied, followed by the addition of the desired texture. The last step is the sealing. In our process, we take two main things into consideration. Are you really happy with the color and the texture of your surface? These two factors help us choose the right mats to use in the laying process. Once the laying is done, we always smooth the concrete, and only after this we add the mats for pressing the texture onto the slab. Our workers have many years of experience, so they know how to handle the entire process, in order to obtain the specific result you want. Our skilled technicians are able to control the color and the pattern, thus being able to create the very look you want. DiFranco Contractors Inc is the perfect answer to all your stamped concrete needs.

Maintaining Your Patio

When you are a client of DiFranco Contractors, you don’t have to worry about anything in regard to the maintenance of your stamped concrete. Our years of experience and the skills of our technicians enable us to deliver seamless services each and every time. Our strongest asset is that we teach our clients the right way to maintain their new concrete. Since stamped concrete features multi faceted layers and patterns, proper maintenance is very important. We can provide you care and maintenance services, but we can also show you how to take care of your concrete. Its strength and endurance will help it last for many years anyway, but when you add the proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a stunningly beautiful surface for decades. The best thing you can do is to apply a clear seal after your stamped concrete becomes dull.  This sealer will make the concrete more resilient and more resistant to stains, oil, grease and dirt. However, you should make sure you clean your concrete regularly, in order to avoid tough accumulations of dirt and grime.

Walkway with seamless Border

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Ashlar slate pattern with integral color