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Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Chesterland OH

Concrete is now available in different forms such as stamped and decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is textured in such a manner that it gives the look of a stone, brick, tile, slate, and other similar surfaces. Apart from this, it comes in various patterns and color combinations. It is commonly used for making patios, driveways, sidewalks, interior flooring, and pool decks. The advantage of using stamped concrete is that it costs less than other materials like slate, brick or a stone which it replaces.  It is also more durable and requires less maintenance.  

If you decide on using stamped concrete, it will not only give you the look and texture of a patio made with stone, but will cost less than the material it mimics.  The patterns on the patio or other area you choose to stamp are made by using large polyurethane stamps which are pressed into the wet or plastic concrete to create a visually appealing pattern. The concrete contractors use tamping tool to press them into the concrete. This type of concrete is just as durable as regular concrete as it’s placed with the same mix.

Apart from stamped concrete, there are other types of decorative concrete which are available. Nowadays, builders, homeowners, and designers recognize the value of using concrete in their construction designs and plans. This type of concrete enhances the structure of a building by transforming the traditional grey color of concrete into attractive colors.  So, whether you want a colorful outdoor patio or a pool deck, everything can be done within your budget.

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