Whether you’re building a new house, putting an addition on your existing home, or renovating your existing home, a mason contractor is usually the first trade.   Choosing a masonry contractor can be a difficult task as many of them generally work with general contractors soley. Most homeowners are concerned with two things, who will be the cheapest and who will do the best job. It is usually not the same mason contractor that you will get the cheapest and best work out of. 

Masonry is a very skilled trade and it’s very important to research the contractor you decide to hire.  The extra time you put into researching your masonry contractor will be well worth your time.  A recommendation is the best place to get a contractor from but unfortunately that’s not always an option.   We recommend getting at least three estimates and ask for some references.   Below are a few things to consider when you hire a Ohio masonry contractor.


Price is generally this is usually the first thing people look at.  We regularly get questions from homeowners asking us how much it will cost to install the foundation, fireplace, masonry step or fireplace.   There are many variables that go into answering this question and they cannot generally  be answered over the phone.  For stone installation, there are many variables in the price of the stone and it seems homeowners usually pick the most expensive stone.   The type of stone also makes a considerable difference in the price, as large uniform pieces go up the fastest while the installation process slows as the stone gets smaller or irregular.  The price of masonry work is usually priced at how long it takes to do the job plus cost of material.  The more complex the project is, the more expensive it will be.


Quality and Workmanship

Masons who have the best reputations will also be the most expensive.   The masonry trade can be truly considered artwork when building with stone and other natural materials.   Most masons have a material they tend to lean towards and prefer to work with.   Some also have materials they tend to avoid as they’re not very installation friendly.  A good, detail oriented mason is hard to find these days.  The talented ones stay busy as they want to be.  There are many commercial masons out there doing side work.  Keep in mind commercial masonry is production based work and much different than detail oriented residential work.   They’re more concerned about doing the job as fast as possible with the little time they have to finish it with there full time job and weather delays.

Lead Time

Being from the Northeast Ohio, it seems everyone wants to start their Masonry repairs the second spring hits or they push to get them done before winter.  Good masons can be booked out months in advance and are usually the busiest in the spring and fall.  It’s important to plan your masonry project early or you may have to settle on sub par workmanship.


Regardless of who you hire to do your masonry job, make sure the mason you hire is fully insured and workers are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.  Many masonry contractors hire subcontractors that have neither insurance or workman’s compensation.  This can be a big problem for a homeowner if an accident, injury or act of god happens on their project as the homeowners insurance may have to pay out.

Good masonry contractors are hard to come by in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Call Gianni and his team at (440) 946-2029.

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