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About Us:

DiFranco Contractors Inc  is a Masonry Contractor that  offers property owners as well as managers of properties in the  Pepper Pike ,Ohio area a reliable resource for all masonry needs. This includes rebuilds, restoration, and repairs. Our scope of work is from the smallest to the largest projects both residential and commercial. Our contractors are renowned in the Northeast area of Ohio for our expertise is in the restoration of masonry. However, we don’t limit ourselves to just restoration. We work closely with you regarding repairs, restoration and more. Our staff are all highly experienced technicians in masonry and we offer high-quality workmanship as well as inspections for all of our customers.

Brick Chimney And Stone Repair

The features that give your home a personality may also be the areas that require more frequent repairs. From chimney’s to stone your home may require some restoration from time to time. Our experts at DiFranco Contractors have committed themselves to tend to your homes specific needs and we are able to balance safety as well as beauty and economy.

We know that even the toughest things may sometimes give out. Bricks are no exception to this rule. If water becomes trapped under the surface of a brick it may crack and cause it to crumble over the course of time. It will then need to be replaced or repaired. Loose or broken bricks and stones in walls or chimneys may also look bad. Loose stones and bricks may leave room for more damage.

Chimney Repairs

Northeast Ohio is known for frigid winters, sweltering summers and all types of weather in between. Over the course of time, weather may begin to deteriorate the masonry of your structures. It’s important to remember that an ounce of prevention may well be worth a pound of cure.

At DiFranco, we understand that large or small, you have chimney issues that need to be taken care of. Our highly trained professionals have years of experience in taking care of chimneys and other issues in this field.

Our repair services for chimneys include the following:

Fireplace and Chimney repairs
Leaking Chimney repairs
Tuckpointing and lining of chimneys
Crown seals as well as weatherproofing
Rebuilding chimneys
Restoration of fireplaces

Over the course of time, maintenance on a chimney is vital to keep the integrity of the structure. We specialize in repairing chimneys as well as rebuilding them.

Cultured stone in Pepper Pike Ohio installed by masonry contractors

Chimney Rebuilds

DiFranco is locally owned and operated. We have a stellar reputation in the Northeast Ohio community. We offer high-quality rebuilding services for your chimneys.

DiFranco Contractors have decades of experience in handling a variety of delicate and difficult chimney issues. We understand that there are a variety of reasons that you may require a chimney rebuild. Our experts are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations while maintaining safety, economy, and beauty of your structure.

When chimneys are damaged due to weather, lightning or settling of a foundation, we can take proper care of it and if need be, rebuild it.  Loose and deteriorating bricks or stones may also pose an issue. Mortar can be very dangerous.  Debris falling from a chimney may damage structures, people, landscaping, and vehicles. It may also block the flow of gas that your heating system issues which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning and  can also cause leaks and other serious issues.

You deal directly with the owner of the company throughout the entire project. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong. When you demand quality work at a reasonable price, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc.

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