Excavation, Masonry and Concrete Construction Lake County OH

Masonry And Stamped Concrete Construction Lake County OH

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Lake County Ohio Construction Services Company

DiFranco Contractors Inc, is a contractor specializing in concrete, stamped concrete, masonry, basement waterproofing, excavating and more.  We’ve been in business since 1996 and strive to complete projects we’re hired for on time and on the budget.  We offer old world craftsmanship with modern day efficiency.  Deal directly with the owner to design, plan and schedule your project.

Why Hire DiFranco Contractors, Inc Concrete, Basement Waterproofing, Excavating, Masonry, Sewer, and Foundation Construction Services?

  • Strength – We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have served many homeowners, contractors, and companies
  • Dependability – We’re a small company who’d run by an owner operator.  The same person who will be discussing your project in the preliminary stages will be present when the project is being completed.
  • Respected – DiFranco Inc, is one of the most respected contractors in their field of expertise.  We have the means and the knowledge to perform your project.
  • Reputation – We’ve worked very hard to have an excellent reputation in the area.  We intend on keeping our customers satisfied with the services we perform.

Stamped Concrete

Have an area of old concrete or a new area that you would like to look like natural stone?  DiFranco Contractors Inc, specializes in stamped concrete and can turn your idea into a design that will last for years and have very little maintenance.  We were one of the first concrete contractors in Northeast Ohio who started installing stamped concrete and has many projects to show for it.  Stamped concrete is a very detail oriented pavement and takes a lot of expertise to be installed properly and look it’s best.

Masonry Services

Need a new foundation installed for a new addition?  DiFranco Contractors Inc, can handle any masonry project you have from fixing an old chimney or building a new foundation for a new home.  We can offer turnkey service for new home builds and additions as we provide excavation, concrete and masonry services.  Hire one company to complete a project that usually requires three different contractors.

Excavation Company

Need a piece of property graded or reshaped?  DiFranco Contractors Inc, is a full service excavating contractor and can handle any project you may have.  We install and repair sewer lines, water lines, and drainage.  We also dig basements, the trench for underground utilities and offer demolition services.

Basement Waterproofing

Have a leaky basement that you’d like to turn into the living area?  Today many homeowners are turning their basement into living areas.  It’s usually much cheaper to finish your basement than it is to add an addition to your home.  DiFranco Contractors Inc, can make your basement dry and clean so you can transform it into living space.

Concrete Construction Services

Have an old driveway that’s in bad shape and needs to be replaced?  DiFranco Contractors Inc, has the experience to perform any concrete project you may have.  We’ve been placing concrete for over 20 years in Northeast Ohio and will design and install concrete pavement that will last.

DiFranco Contractors Inc in Lake County OH provides high-quality construction services, whether it’s a foundation, concrete parking, masonry chimney or one of out other services, we offer quality work that will surely last a lifetime and many generations to come.  Please contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.