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Basement waterproofing is a task that is best done from the outside of your home.  Interior waterproofing was a service developed for companies to make a lot money with the least amount of work.  CMU or concrete block, what most homes basement walls are built out of, were not designed to be saturated with water.  This is why all block or CMU below grade needs to be damp proofed with a membrane.  With interior waterproofing this membrane or coating is never repaired and the block of the basement continues to degrade and eventually fail.  This is the reason why many interior waterproofing jobs will eventually have to be redone on the outside, the proper way.  Why pay for basement waterproofing twice?

Why choose DiFranco Contractors Inc?

Mr. Gianni DiFranco, the owner of DiFranco Contractors Inc. comes with a vast experience in the construction industry. His expertise along with his team of professionals will ensure that the services offered to you are world class. He believes in giving personal attention to each project which makes DiFranco Contractors a trusted name in the industry. They believe in using superior quality of products and will also ensure that the work is done at a reasonable cost. So, for all your construction needs in Russell Township, OH, and South Russell, OH,  don’t forget to contact DiFranco Contractors Inc today!

basement waterproofing Russell Township, Ohio


DiFranco Contractors is fully licensed, insured, bonded, and our workers are fully covered by workers compensation insurance. We take care of any permits required to waterproof your basement.

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