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Basement waterproofing is not the first thing that comes to mind while building property. However, by the time the owner realizes that waterproofing is essential, the damage is already done. Basement waterproofing should ideally be done at the time of construction. Basements are an integral part of the structure. For some, it’s an additional living space, and for others, it can be a storage space. However, in both the cases, the area needs to be protected from water leakage and seepage. The moment water begins to seep into the building’s foundation; it starts to deteriorate the foundation structure. The moisture can also lead to the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew and can lead to health issues. Therefore, hiring services of professional basement waterproofing companies is essential to prevent any serious damage. Another important aspect is that a proper basement waterproofing will actually increase the value of your property whenever you decide to sell it.

Basement waterproofing is common when a home or building has an underground basement.  The last thing any homeowner wants is a wet basement, but it happens often in Ohio. The key to make this ongoing disaster disappear is to hire a professional company to take care of the hard work by waterproofing your basement.

Be cautious of any company that offers a combination interior/exterior method for all problems, as it’s generally a glorified interior method at the full cost of a premium exterior waterproofing.

Exterior waterproofing is a very simple system that works great and prevents basement wall deterioration. The impermeable soil is excavated and removed from the exterior of the foundation and disposed of. All the drain tiles and downspout lines are replaced with modern pvc pipe with solvent weld joints that will not leak. Drain tile cleanouts are installed so the drain tile can be cleaned, maintained, and serviced.

The walls are then pressure washed and coated with damp proofing and/or waterproofing materials. This seals any cracks or voids in the wall where water can penetrate the wall. In certain instances, the above grade areas of the foundation is sealed with a clear water repellent membrane so water doesn’t wick through this area.

If specified, insulation is placed on the wall for insulating value and to protect the damp proofing/waterproofing coating. The excavated area is then backfilled with #57 stone, one foot from the top of existing grade. This permeable stone is the heart of the system as it lets the water fully drain to the drain tile at the bottom. Topsoil is returned to the top and any plants removed are then replanted. The area disturbed is then restored to the point you’ll never even know we were there

Why Does Your Basement Leak?

Clogged Perimeter Drain Pipes: There is a drain that runs around the perimeter of your homes foundation called a footing drain. These drain pipes are quite thick and come with with 1/2″ holes throughout the pipe for water to enter and be channeled away from your foundation. What ends up happening is these pipes get clogged and instead of channeling the water, they block the water and it ends up pooling beside your foundation.

Hydrostatic Pressure Buildup: This is essentially “water pressure” and it’s probably the leading cause of leaking basements. During the spring and fall, when rainfall is at it’s highest point, the soil around your foundation becomes saturated with water. This causes an intense amount of force on any walls (your foundation) that the hydrostatic pressure comes in contact with. This could be several thousand pounds of pressure pushing on your basement walls and it will force water into your basement.

Hidden Foundation Damage: Foundation damage caused by machinery (ironically when constructing the foundation) is actually quite common, especially when you hire someone who isn’t experienced with this type of work. A solid strike against your foundation with an excavating bucket can cause extensive damage to a foundation. This damage usually manifests itself months or years later in the form of cracks, that let water freely flow into your basement.

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