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Water Control Systems Are Not Waterproofing

DiFranco Contractors is a waterproofing contractor who’s proud to have been part of the Northeast Ohio community for over 20 years.

Many companies these days try to appeal to everyone and wind up being far too generic to appeal to anyone. DiFranco Contractors takes pride in doing the job the traditional way. These days, most waterproofing is done by system companies. While system companies claim that they perform all styles of waterproofing, the real truth is that they generally try to steer customers towards their own interior water control system.

DiFranco Contractors understands that there is no one size fits all solution. Waterproofing has to be dealt with in a way that addresses the specific problem. Basement leaks can come from a number of different issues, and each one requires a different solution. By diagnosing the problem, we ensure our customers get the fix they actually need rather than the one that makes us the most money. This saves our customers money, not just because they don’t have to pay for a full system but also because they get the problem fixed right the first time. System companies don’t generally care what the actual problem is. They want to sell you a system, and they treat the system as the only solution there is.

Many companies these days claim to offer basement waterproofing. However, what many of them are actually selling are interior water control systems. These are drain pipes installed into your basement. This doesn’t actually stop the water from leaking in. It simply drains the water out. Waterproofing is done on the outside of the home, not the inside. Waterproofing is a process that corrects the problems that allow the leak to happen in the first place. Water control systems allow the leakage to continue into your home. This can cause damage over time since it allows the foundation to continue cracking. Keeping the water out altogether should be the goal of any home owner.

When it comes to waterproofing, the first thing to do is remember that water isn’t the problem. Water is just a symptom. Much like a fever is a symptom of the flu, you can’t just treat the symptom and expect the problem to go away. Seepage can occur for multiple reasons, such as cracks in the wall or poorly functioning drainage. Often times there are multiple reasons. If you notice damp spots, white powder, or mold growing on your wall, then a water control system won’t do anything to help. In fact, an interior water control system will likely make the problem even worse. We’ve worked in hundreds of homes, many of which had interior water control systems. These homes generally are free of any standing water. So the water control companies did fulfill their promise. However, customers will often find that deteriorating walls and other structural damages aren’t covered by the company’s guarantee.

Inside/Outside Approach

The inside/outside approach refers to an incredibly expensive water control system. The system involves a limited outdoor system such as exploration trenches rather than full outdoor work. Partial work has absolutely no benefits to the homeowner. Instead, it benefits the salesman. They can sell potential customers on all the benefits of excavation, but the company won’t have to do much digging. An interior dig that doesn’t get lower than your basement floor is useless. Your drain tiles are on your basement floor, so the ground water collects there. This is why any digging that doesn’t reach lower than the basement floor is useless. It also benefits the company by allowing them to charge money for (completely useless) digging as well as the interior drains and pumps that are still necessary. When actual waterproofing is performed, there’s no need for inside work.

Control systems need several different devices in order to work. A sump pump is a pump that discharges the water. These will generally be called different things by different companies. You may hear them referred to as a “pressure release system” or something more ridiculous like “super water extractor”. Some unscrupulous salespeople will even claim their system isn’t the same as a sump at all. Regardless of what they call it, a pump underneath the floor is a sump pump. That’s the technical definition.

If a company claims to do waterproofing, ask to see a waterproofing permit. Since most municipalities in Northeast Ohio issue separate permits for waterproofing and water control, you can use this to see if they actually do perform waterproofing. A company shouldn’t claim to offer a service they can’t legally offer. That’s simply unethical.

Clay Expansion

Expanding clay is another common cause of leaking. You’ll often see wall shearing, which is sometimes referred to as horizontal cracking. Clay expansion is so common that it’s estimated to be the leading cause of home damage. If you notice the walls along your foundation are beginning to crack. If you notice bowing, or if there’s any movement, then you likely have a problem with clay expansion. System companies have come up with a number of different devices to stabilize walls. Not only does it let them avoid digging, it allows them to sell even more devices. Rather than keep the symptom under control, doesn’t it make more sense to fix the problem? Not only will it save you money, but it’s difficult to sell a home that has anchors and beams attached to the inside of your walls.

What’s more, a control system may actually make the cracking or bowing worse. The basement floor helps stabilize the bottom of the foundation walls. If there’s a sign of moving walls or horizontal cracking, taking a jackhammer to the concrete (which is necessary to install a control system) can destroy that support. A cracking wall that loses even more support is the opposite of good!

Why are there so many companies that install control systems rather than perform actual waterproofing? One word. Profit. Water control systems can be installed with very little equipment. It also takes little in the way of skilled labor, nor are the material costs very high. It’s not uncommon to see companies making a profit of 70% by installing these systems.

DiFranco Contractors refuses to install a one size fits all solution that doesn’t actually fix anything. We can only grow as a company when we offer the best services. We have a reputation to uphold, after all. That can only happen with hard work, honesty, and quality service.


Difranco Contractors, Inc. is based out of Chardon, Ohio and can offer you the most competitive price on waterproofing your basement.  Before you sign up to have one of the big waterproofing companies, give us a chance. We offer free and no obligation consults and estimates.  No high pressure sales here and you work with the owner, Gianni, from beginning to end.  We offer old world craftsmanship at reasonable prices.

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