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Basement waterproofing in Highland Heights is often necessary when a home or building has a basement that is below grade (meaning below the ground).  The last thing you want or need is water leaking into your home and it is a very real problem for thousands of homeowners across Ohio and other locations on an annual basis.  Finding a best professional basement waterproofing company with extensive experience is the key to solve your problems once and for all.

DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers both interior basement and exterior basement waterproofing throughout Highland Heights Ohio and the surrounding area.  We offer best waterproofing services to residential homes, commercial buildings, and any structure that has a below grade area that needs to be waterproofed.  Generally, exterior waterproofing is the preferred method that we will use because it is the most permanent fix but in some instances the interior methods will work just as well (and they can be less expensive).

Be cautious of any construction company that offers a combination of interior and exterior methods for all problems, as it is generally a glorified interior method at the full cost of a premium exterior waterproofing.

Masonry Work in Highland Heights Ohio

Whether it is new work or repair work. DiFranco Contractors, Inc can handle any masonry project from rebuilding a step to building an entire building. Best quality construction work that lasts is our specialty. We can take any masonry project from the ground up.

Masonry, Brick, Block and Stone Construction Services

Steps and stairs

Addition foundations

Basement wall replacement

Cultured stone

Natural stone

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

New chimneys and repairs

Concrete footers

Retaining walls

Brick and block work

Masonry buildings

Decks and patios

DiFranco Contractors Inc Is the Solution To Your Construction Needs

Gianni believes in actively conversing with his customers from start to finish on every project. When you call DiFranco Contractors, you expect to meet Gianni for the initial estimate and consultation. He bids every new job personally and guides a team of experienced contracts to deliver excellent quality results that the customer wants.

By talking directly with Gianni, you do not have to worry about unwanted surprises or miscommunication on project expectations. DiFranco Contractors has been in business since 1996 and puts their customers first. This is evident in the hundreds of happy customers and repeat business. Calling DiFranco Contractors, when you have a construction need is a smart choice.

You can request an estimate two different ways – complete the form on the website or call us today at 440-946-2029. Whether you have a need for concrete, excavation, masonry, stamped concrete, drainage repair or installation, sewer or general construction services, contact us today.



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