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Discover The Benefits Of Waterproofing The Exterior Of Your Home

To prevent mold and dampness from entering your basement it is necessary to waterproof the exterior which will provide lasting protection. To complete the waterproofing process it will be necessary to use a number of materials that will provide protection for the walls, drains, other parts of the drainage system, and pumps that will keep water moving away from your home. DiFranco Contractors can offer effective solutions for exterior waterproofing to help you rid your home of a damp basements and water problems.

Benefits Of Exterior Waterproofing

Anytime a home is suffering from water damage it will set the stage for mildew and mold along with a feeling of dampness and these things will all lead to damage that is visually unattractive and it creates an odor that makes it difficult to breathe. Mildew and mold are serious conditions that can lead to health problems and should be avoided. The health problems related to mildew and mold such as triggering asthma attacks and other respiratory problems are significant and shouldn’t be ignored.

Restoring Your Home And Basement

Whenever a home is wet and damp it is neither comfortable or healthy and by all accounts, lacks the functionality that you need to be comfortable in your home. Regardless of whether the basement is used as a living space or an extra bedroom or if it is used for storage, when mold and dampness is present, it completely spoils that area. Your belongings and your family deserve to be protected and your basement can be fully restored and should be.

Stop The Problem

When you use interior waterproofing methods for your basement it only means that water won’t be visible inside your basement, but it is still there. Overtime, this can cause damage to the foundation and you may still need exterior basement waterproofing or even possibly structural repair if the damage is severe enough. Our company offers both interior and exterior waterproofing and by having us perform your interior waterproofing solutions it can be more economically feasible for redirecting the water back outside your home.  We offer interior waterproofing in certain situations and can consult with you which method will work best with your particular problem.

Exterior waterproofing, however, is the only solution that will completely block the water from getting to your home. When the exterior of your home is protected it means that the dampness and water doesn’t ever get to your foundation at all. With the right type of drainage systyem that removes any build up of water, it gives homeowners the ultimate answer and completely solves the problem in a way that won’t come back.

Structural Integrity

Because exterior waterproofing completely blocks water from ever getting to the foundation,  it’s the most complete protection for structural integrity of the foundation of your home. When we perform this type of waterproofing for you, we will first repair any cracks to the foundation and use treatments that ensure that there is no further possibility of deterioration to the foundation from water. Your home will be fully protected from dampness, structural damage from water, and mold.

A Lifelong Solution

Homeowners feel a great relief and tremendous satisfaction after the work has been completed because they know that it’s something that will last for decades. In many cases, it will last as long as the house does. The majority of interior waterproofing solutions that are offered today are only temporary and quick fixes. Using our exterior waterproofing methods often last even beyond someone’s life time.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home and the basement is wet and moldy it’s a huge red flag for potential homeowners. It’s a clear indication that the foundation is damaged and has problems. Having your home waterproofed on the exterior is a great comfort to the potential buyer who knows if they get the home it’s going to be completely comfortable and they don’t have to worry about damage or structural issues from water or mold. In this way, this type of work done to your house not only protects you and your family but also the family of the new buyers. It is not uncommon for this type of work to add as much as 10% to the value of a home.

DiFranco Contractors Offers The Best Exterior Waterproofing

Our company uses only the best quality materials and workmanship and is performed by a team of professionals. Before you have the work done we’re glad to come out and give you a free consultation which will allow us to analyze your property and work out an agreeable solution for your situation. There’s no reason to delay when you can call us to arrange this no obligation consultation.

Basement Waterproofing Eastlake Ohio 44095

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I Grew up in Eastlake in the Surfside neighborhood.  My father purchased a home there on Ridgewood in the mid 70’s when I was just a kid.  We moved out of the old Collinwood neighborhood where all the Italian Immigrants once lived for better schools and to be in the suburbs.  At 21 I purchased my first home on East 337th Street in Eastlake and lived there for 8 years until moving to Chardon.  My business was started in the city.   To Say the least, the city is a very special place for me as it’s where I became me.

Today DiFranco Contractors Inc works in the city on a regular basis.  It’s nice to be working in the area where you grew up.  Although I didn’t go to Eastlake North High School, most of my friends did.  I still have many friends that live in the city and frequent it often.  We did some concrete repairs at the stadium where the Lake County Captains play.


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