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Does Your Beachwood Basement or Foundation Leak?

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Exterior waterproofing has become an important step to take when it comes to preventing water entering your home through the basement area. Interior methods focus on controlling the water that has already entered the home but exterior works to prevent the water from entering in the first place.

How Water Enters from the Exterior

Exterior waterproofing Is the most effective method of dealing with water issues coming  in the basement walls. The soil around the home will start to swell and contract depending on the moisture level. The contracting and swelling can cause instability resulting in cracks and shifts in the foundation of your basement. These cracks allow water to easily enter your home. You will not be able to see all the cracks and of concern is the moisture and condensation build up can also cause havoc to the basement of your home even if there are no cracks. This is because of the porous nature of the concrete making it a bad deterrent for moisture.

60% of houses have a problem with moisture, making it important to consider waterproofing

Advantages of Waterproofing

Prevents damage
Peace of mind
Adds value
Increases resale value

Methods Of Waterproofing

Minimal excavation
Minimal Disruption

There are different methods that can be used in exterior waterproofing. DiFranco Contractors employs techniques that will help in minimizing the disruption caused not only to the landscaping, but also the homeowner and the community.

Subsoil Drainage

Yard Drains: French drains can not only be installed in the basement of your home, but they can also be installed outside the home. Exterior French drains will help in directing the water away from the house and prevents accumulation of subsurface water that will add stress to the foundation making it weaker and even crack. Yard drains can be easily installed by an experienced waterproofing expert and will have a minimal impact on your lawn and landscape.

Driveway Drains: This is another type of drainage, but the difference is the fact that they are installed in a driveway. They do the same work as the yard drain, they direct the water away from your home to a drainage area. Driveway drains have grates that keep debris such as sticks and leaves from clogging the drainage pathway. A driveway drain can be a great solution to help you prevent any flooding and damage to your home.

Downspout Lines: Downspout drains or downspout lines are directly connected to the home’s downspout and direct water away from the home. If the downspouts and gutter are overworked or are inadequate for the amount of rainfall, then there will be an accumulation of water in one or more areas of the soil resulting in swelling of the soil. The swelling can have an effect on the foundation of the home through cracks and cause your home interior to start flooding. Installation of a downspout line is a good way for a homeowner to prevent water seepage into the home and cost you a lot in terms of foundation damage. They downspout lines are usually easy to install and will cause minimal disruption to your home landscaping, unlike other waterproofing methods.

If you are looking for an exterior waterproofing solution in Northeastern Ohio, then you should contact DiFranco Contractors. The experienced team of experts will help in the assessment of your needs and find the perfect solution to use in protecting your home from flooding.

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