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Exterior  Basement Waterproofing Benefits

Long lasting protection is provided by exterior waterproofing by preventing water from getting into your basement, and mold and damp from getting into your life. These solutions frequently involve installing external waterproofing materials on foundation walls, in addition to other innovative forms of treatment like pumps for channeling water away from your house, drains and drainage systems. If your property’s foundation is suffering due to water problems, your basement is wet, or your house is damp, then the exterior basement waterproofing solutions from DiFranco Contractors are the most effective solutions that are available today.

 Benefits Are Extensive: Protect Against Mildew, Damp And Mold

In addition to being unappealing visually, mildew, mold and damp all contribute to air that is hard to breathe and has stagnant odors. Mildew and mold can cause some very serious respiratory issues, while breathing problems and asthma can be triggered by dampness. This all adds up to health concerns that need to be taken seriously, Exterior waterproofing will help to ensure that your house is free of damaging molds and damp, which makes it a safe and healthy environment for your entire family.

Restore Your Home And Basement

Aside from everything else, wet or damp in your house is completely undesirable. It can ruin the functionality and atmosphere of the space that is affected. Whether your basement is used for storage, or as a living area like a bedroom, mold and damp will definitely spoil the area. Exterior waterproofing can completely prevent your property from being breached, and you won’t ever have to suffer from any damp and mold problems ever again. Your home and basement will be restored and your belongings fully protected.

Problem Is Actually Solved

Interior waterproofing methods just prevent water from reaching your home’s interior walls, and the damp is still allowed to breach your home’s exterior. Over time that can cause structural problems, and structural problems can still occur.  On the other hand, the exterior waterproofing solutions that we offer keep the water away from your foundation.  The water is kept outside of your house and foundation, where it belongs. The only solution that will actually stop water from getting into your house at all is exterior waterproofing. Your foundation’s exterior walls are protected from the outside, which means the water won’t penetrate your foundation.  In addition to  proper drainage for removing the water, this provides you with the ultimate solution to your damp issue. It solves your problem for good.

Protect Your Property’s Structural Integrity

Given that exterior waterproofing prevents dampness from reaching the walls of your property, provides your foundations with full protection, and improves your home’s structural integrity, the problem is solved forever. We make sure that all damage to foundations, like cracks, are repaired. Our waterproofing materials then eliminate the potential of the building deteriorating any further. Exterior waterproofing allows you to live safely and comfortably, and know that your house is protected from structural damage, dampness and mold.

Long Term Solutions

There is no better feeling than knowing that work you do on your house will last for many decades.  When waterproofing is done correctly, it generally never needs to be done again. A majority of solutions provide temporary relief only from damp problems, or quick fixes for minor issues. However, exterior waterproofing really is long lasting. In some cases it has lasted beyond a lifetime. There is very little maintenance that is required by exterior waterproofing and it will work effectively as long as the storm sewer that carries the water away is working correctly.

Increase Your Home’s Value

For anybody buying a property, a wet basement is a huge red flag. It indicates that the foundation may be compromised and needs repair.  On the other hand, exterior waterproofing is very favorable for a buyer, since it can make them quite comfortable that their potential new home will not have any dampness problems. Exterior waterproofing, in addition to improving your life’s quality, will benefit the future owners of your home as well, which will increase your property’s value. In this respect, waterproofing is a type of investment, and it may add as much as 10% to your home’s selling price and market value.

DiFranco Contractors Exterior Waterproofing Services

To ensure that your home is fully protect, we use the highest quality materials and they are expertly install by our experienced professionals. In addition, we offer you a free consultation. That way we can analyze your property’s problem , and develop a good solution for you. Give us a call today to schedule your no obligation meeting.

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