Winter Concrete Maintenance Tips | Novelty Ohio

To help reduce potential damage caused over the course of the winter, here are some  tips to follow

  • Always try to remove snow and ice as soon as possible from your concrete to avoid effects from freeze/thaw cycles of Northeast Ohio.
  • Use sand whenever possible instead of deicing chemicals if you need traction on an icy concrete surface.  Sand has no adverse effects to concrete.
  • Whenever having new concrete installed, request that a protective sealer to applied to the concrete to protect it.  This will help reduce moisture and deicing salt penetration, and prevent your concrete from getting stained.
  • Avoid using any type of deicer the first winter after your concrete surface is installed.  After that use deicers sparingly if necessary.
  • Never use deicers that contain ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate, since they will deteriorate the surface of the concrete
  • For questions about your concrete during winter months, please contact a reputable concrete contractor.

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