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Discovering water on your basement floor, soaking carpet or damaged laminate flooring can be a cause of great concern.   Here is some advice to help you deal with water issues in your basement.

So you went downstairs and discovered your basement is leaking from rain and this usually happens after a heavy rain or when snow melts. Perhaps this has happened before but this time there’s a lot of water, more than you’ve ever seen.

In this blog I’ll discuss what I know to be the most important things of dealing with wet basement, as well as what you need to consider in how you respond.

Handling Basement Water issues

The Situation in Your Basement

Your reaction upon discovering a wet basement depends very much upon the amount of water you see.   Many people have come to accept their basements are going to be wet.  If your basement is fully finished with furniture and carpet, you’ll probably be more concerned if you have an unfinished basement with a bare concrete floor.

The extent to which the basement is leaking, or has leaked, is also a major consideration in how you deal with the basement water issue. A small trickle of water coming from a crack is one thing,  while an all out flooding,  soaked carpet, or the presence of pooling water in your basement is entirely another.

The Consequences of a Leaking Basement

Minor basement leaking may require little more than some mopping up or towel drying of the affected area.   A minor basement  leak is easily controlled and a little clean up is all that you have to concern yourself with.   A major leak or significant ongoing basement water issues, not only requires a quick response but a systematic approach as well.

Most people do not deal with basement leaks on a regular basis and it’s not something anyone wants to deal with.  When the stakes are high and your carpet and furnishings are getting ruined,  you need to respond appropriately.  How you respond to the situation in your basement ultimately determines the amount of damage your furnishings and belongings.  Also, if your furnace, hot water tank, and electrical fuse box are at risk to being damaged, that can turn the situation into an urgent one very quickly.

 Who to call when your basement is leaking

Naturally, many people want to call an insurance company first when they get water in there basement.  Unless it’s an all out flood, most insurance companies won’t cover the damage by basement water seepage or cost of repairing it.   The most important thing that a homeowner can do is establish where the water came from.  If the floor drain is backing up then call your insurance company, as that’s considered water back up and should be covered.
In the event that the floor drain is not backing up, you probably have a leak that will need to be repaired by a basement waterproofing contractor.  If damage has been done to your carpet and furnishings, it’s probably best not to restore things till your basement water issues are repaired.

 Next Steps for Dealing With Your Leaking  Basement

After the cleanup and the water has subsided it’s probably best to get some expert opinions on what’s going on.  Most of the time, it’s best to talk to a few different basement waterproofing contractors.  This way you can compare each company’s repair method and make an educated decision to which one you’re going to go with.

Today, most people use Google to search for basement waterproofing contractors.  Unfortunately, when you do that, you’re going to get the names of the large scale basement waterproofing companies.  You’ll find them first because the spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising.  These contractors will usually have a one approach method they will try and sell you regardless of what you really need to fix your problem.  The salesman they usually send out are commissioned based sales people that rarely have any experience doing waterproofing repairs.  They are definitely not experts in the basement repair trade or drainage issues.

With these large basement waterproofing companies, you will also find some small, family owned companies if you search for them.  These are the true experts in the waterproofing field.  Generally, the person who comes out to diagnose your basement water problems is the same person doing the repairs.  This person is not a salesperson, he’s a tradesman with a trained eye who knows what to look for to diagnose your problem.  He will offer you a solution that fixes the problem instead of upselling you on unneeded services.

Today’s waterproofing industry is plagued by many fly by night, or profit only motivated companies.  Do your research when looking for someone to repair your wet basement.  It’s best to hire a true professional waterproofing company and not some large company that only specializes in making a lot of money with a one fix solution for every basement water problem.

For a second opinion, general information, or estimate on waterproofing your in Willoughby, Ohio, or other Northeast Ohio communities, call DiFranco Contractors Inc at 440-946-2029.

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