What to look for when Hiring a Masonry Contractor in Beachwood Ohio

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A masonry contractor is someone who repairs structures using stones, bricks, block, and other natural materials.  If you are in the market for a masonry contractor, there are several things you should consider during your narrowing down process.


Masonry should be performed by specialists tradesman.   No matter what the job is, it is part of your home they will be working on, and you should only want an expert masonry contractor who knows what they are doing.   Have a list of questions to ask the masonry contractor about your project.  Also, ask for some references of some homeowners they have worked for.  The more information you get, the better decision you can make.


The very nature of masonry work can be very dangerous.   The masonry contractor you hire should know how to handle your project safely and have the proper equipment.   Ask previous customes if any damage was done to there home and was the contractor neat and efficient.  Always ask to see proof of liability insurance and workmans compensation insurance. If a mason contractor does not have these in place, and an accident happen, your insurance company could be financially responsible.


Ask your masonry contractor how many years they’ve been in the trade and where did they receive their training.  Find out as much information about the contractor from references and any reviews you can find online.  Many times, if a customer is unhappy, they will let people know about it.  If possible, it’s best to get a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Shows up on Time

Many things go into a masonry project.  Many masonry contractors will start many projects at the same time just so the homeowner sees some progress.  Unfortunately too often, the project takes way longer than necessary.  You the homeowner, are inconvenienced much longer than necessary.  The work area is something you’ll have to look at a lot longer than you should have to.  Everyone wants the job to get completed in a timely matter.


Hiring a reliable contractor is very important.  In this day and age, there are so many untrustworthy contractors looking to make a quick dollar.  Also, many mason contractors are also individuals doing projects on the side.  While it may seem like a good deal at first, many of these projects never get finished.  With Northeast Ohio’s unpredictable weather, it’s sometimes hard to get projects finished being a full time contractor.  Don’t settle for a rush, sloppy job.

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