Waterproofing your Basement, Can it Wait? Pepper Pike Ohio

Chances are your basement has been wet for a very long time already.  Many times a basement water issues have been there longer than you think it has. While you think you may have just found it, it’s probably been there for years.  Most of the time, it’s a well known issue that’s just been ignored.  If it’s just an occasional water issue, most people just take care of it by cleaning up and they get accustomed to it. Basement waterproofing isn’t a job for homeowners.   Some homeowners try to fix it themselves and realize the hard way it’s not a job for the do it yourselfer.

Unfortunately waiting to fix your basement is a bad ideal.  The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.  You can also cause structural damage to the foundation by waiting too long.  If you think basement waterproofing is expensive, wait till you get a price to replace a basement wall.

Ignoring basement leaks long enough will allow mold to form which may have to be removed by a professional.  Poured concrete walls, or concrete block that is saturated with water will eventually deteriorate.  If you have water coming through the wall it means there is water in the earth on the outside of the foundation building up pressure.  This hydrostatic pressure can cause foundation damage and serious structural cracks. This pressure can cause major damage to your foundation if not repaired.

Most people think moisture in the basement is normal and can wait.  Moisture in the basement is not OK and will cause major issues in time.  Any kind of moisture in the basement should be taken care of as it can affect the air quality of your entire home if mold develops.   Generally, the relative humidity of your basement should never be any higher than 50%.   Anything higher than that is too wet and will lead to potential mold growth.  Whether your basement has minor or major water issues, it’s best to take care of them before any major damage is done.

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Basement waterproofing Pepper Pike Ohio

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