Top 5 causes of sewer replacement in Willoughby, Ohio

While it may be a fairly common occurrence, in an older Home in Willoughby, Ohio, to have storm or sanitary problems, it may not mean you need an entire sewer replacement.  Not every sewer line problem necessarily calls for a replacement, it’s a good ideal to educate yourself with the common causes of failures in sewer pipes.  A sewer contractor can usually determine the best solution for your sewer problem. Here are the 5 most common causes for sewer replacement:

1.Compromised Pipe that are broken, cracked or collapsed. These can be a result of the ground shifting, settling or eroding. In some occasions, frost can also damage the pipes.

2. Some of the older pipes in the ground were constructed of cast iron or steel. In time, these pipes rust and corrode. When these types of pipes fail, a full replacement is usually necessary as they have a limited life span.

3. A pipe that is, “bellied,” is where a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions. This creates an area of pipe where debris will continue to collect and create blockages and continues problems.  Sometimes, just the bellied section of pipe can be replaced which will let the pipe flow freely again.

4. Leaking pipes which is usually caused by the joints of the pipe,  where the individual pipes are joined together, become deteriorated and start to leak.  These deteriorated joints will also cause debris to be snagged and trapped at these joints interrupting the flow of the pipe.

5. Tree roots are the number one cause of sewer failures in a sewer system.  Old sewer piping was usually constructed of clay pipes which contained a joint every four feet.  These joints are an easy place for the roots to enter the pipe and start their destruction.  Most common sewer pipes are constructed of PVC where the pipes are joined together every 16 feet.  This PVC pipes has a lot less joints where the roots can find there way in.  The PVC pipe also has a much better gasket system than the old clay pipes, thus having a better seal.

At DiFranco Contractors Inc., we only repair what is necessary,  saving the homeowner money.  We are also much better equipped than most plumbing companies to handle a sewer replacement job.  Many plumbers will sub contract sewer replacement jobs out to sewer or excavating contractors and make a 100% profit on the job.

DiFranco Contractors Inc offers free and competitive quotes for sewer pipe replacement projects in Willoughby and surrounding neighborhoods. Call today at 440-946-2029.

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