The Importance of Sewer Repair and replacement Contractor in Willoughby, Ohio.

Most people never give much thought to their  storm and sanitary sewer system until something terrible happens to draw their attention to it. Sewer systems generally last a very long time and most people will not have to deal with the problems of one failing.  When a sanitary or storm sewer fails, it’s usually a very big deal and needs to be fixed pretty quickly and you’ll need to call a sewer contractor.

Sewer Gas

Perhaps one of the most things people overlook as most sewer systems contain toxic gases.   Pipes are found throughout homes and buildings that serve as seals and vents to prevent gas from entering into living and working areas.  The sewage that is carried through sewer drains creates a dangerous vapor that is very toxic. This sounds bad but the gas is naturally formed and is unavoidable.   The pipes naturally contain this gas.  While the pipes in your home are usually sealed much better than the pipes outside in the ground, they also tend to deteriorate over time.  This can cause a major problem if the sewer pipes outside start to back up as the gasses have nowhere to go and back up with the gas.   Sewer gas that cannot vent through your homes plumbing can back up into your home and allow this gas to enter your home.


Many times the damage to your sewer system is done by natural causes, like tree roots.  Many problems in sewer systems are caused by homeowners putting things down the drains and toilets that shouldn’t go there.  Problems caused by roots are usually caused by that giant tree planted right on top of your sewer systems in the front yard.   When the tree was planted, most people don’t think of the damage it can do to the sewer system.   Many of the old pipes in the ground are clay and the joints, where the pipes are joined together, deteriorate over time.  These joints are where the tree roots enter.  Tree root damage can be minor that only needs regular cleaning, to an all out failure.  Some tree types are known to have more aggressive root systems than others.

The importance of  Clean Water

Sewer systems can directly affect the quality of drinking water in our area.   In the last few years, the EPA has been really cracking down on defective sewer systems in Northeast Ohio.  Many local cities sewer infrastructure systems are being rebuilt to fix these problems.  Ever wonder why they issue alerts in Lake Erie not being safe to swim after heavy rains?  This is directly caused by defective sewer systems in Northeast Ohio.  Clean water directly affects the health of our community.   Today the waste and stormwater sewer systems are being more scrutinized than ever, ensuring we have clean water for our families. Please insure your sewer systems are working properly.

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