Are you experiencing sewer issues and have questions about sewer repairs or replacement in Painesville or Concord, Ohio?  Sanitary and storm sewer failures are common in older homes.  DiFranco Contractors Inc, is a sewer contractor in the area and is here to help you with your sewer issues.  Here are some things you need to know.

The Role of Your Home’s Sewer Line

The sewer line is the pipe that carries away waste water from inside of your home.  This is where everything from your toilets, sinks, showers and all other interior plumbing drains.  It plays a critical role in keeping your home sanitary and your safe.  The storm sewer carries all the water away from your downspout lines, yard drains, drain tiles around your basement or crawl space and other outside drains.  This pipe can prevent your basement from flooding and other stormwater related issues.   When your sewer lines becomes compromised, it’s usually something you want to get fixed relatively quickly to prevent any other damage.

Common causes of Sewer line Failures

While there are many reasons why you may end up needing to have your sewer  repaired or replaced, there are a few issues that sewer contractors usually see. Trees  roots that are into your sewer line can end up damaging the pipe. The roots can sense the water in the pipe and enter through the joints, where the pipes are joined together.   Once inside, they can block the flow and eventually damage the pipe.   In other cases, it’s simply age that causes a sewer line to deteriorate.  Many times the pipes were not installed properly, leading to premature failure.

Signs You May Need Sewer Repair or Replacement

There are several common signs that tell you your storm or sanitary line is failing.  One of the most common signs of a failing sewer line is if sewage is backing up into your home.  Also, your toilets or drains may be running very slow.   Unfortunately, you may also smell the problem before you actually see it,  so if you smell sewage inside your home and in your yard, the sewer line may be damaged or failing.  Finally, if there are puddles of standing water in your yard that weren’t there before or an area of grass that is growing well compared to the surrounding grass, then you may have a break in your storm or sanitary sewer line that’s allowing sewage to leak into the ground.

DiFranco Contractors is a local contractor based out of Chardon, who specializes in sewer repairs and replacements.  We can offer you a better price than most plumbers, as we have the equipment to do sewer repairs and replacement that most plumbers don’t.  Many times, plumbing contractors will subcontract sewer line replacements to sewer and excavating contractors and mark the job up substantially for profit.

Sanitary and storm sewer repairs and installations require an expert contractor. Call 440-946-2029 for an estimate or another opinion on what steps you need to take to get the job done right.

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