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Stamped Concrete Construction

Concrete Doesn’t Need To Be Dull and Boring!
We specialize in decorative and stamped concrete.

While the names are often interchanged, decorative and stamped concrete are actually two different construction processes.  Decorative concrete is really just an overlay of a rock hard thinset layer of special polymer concrete.  This thin layer goes overtop your existing concrete and gives it a new more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Stamped concrete is actually a completely new pour of concrete and then we take special patterns and “stamp” them in.  The latter is usually more durable and long lasting because it’s a single slab of concrete and not just a decorative layer.

DiFranco Contractors Inc. is a general contractor serving <city> and the surrounding area of north central Ohio.  We specialize in both decorative and stamped concrete pouring and installation for residential and commercial clients.  We do decorative and stamped concrete for driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks and more!

Stamped Concrete Projects We’ve Completed

Decorative or Stamped Concrete – Which Is Best?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of finish.  If you want something done quickly, then a decorative overlay is much quicker to install but the material is quite expensive!  If you don’t hire a contractor who knows how to apply the decorative layer correctly you risk having a decorative layer that won’t stick to your concrete and ends up eroding away into a crumbly, broken up mess.  This is especially so if the concrete was in poor condition in the first place.  If your concrete is in poor condition with cracks and crumbling areas, it’s probably best to go with a new pour and a freshly stamped surface.

Stamped concrete is a process (entirely new pour) that offers the look of tile, stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, and other similar surfaces, with the low maintenance of concrete. The specification of the concrete itself is the same as regular concrete so it’s extremely durable.  All we’re doing is stamped designs on the face!

Generally, all stamped concrete has 2 colors, one integral and one antique color. The pattern and color combinations are endless so you can custom design exactly what you desire.

Along with stamped, we also offers other types of decorative concrete.  Colored concrete is just regular concrete with a color of your choice added to the mix. Exposed aggregate is a special process where a unique aggregate is used in the concrete. The concrete is placed as regular concrete and before the final set of the concrete, the surface is washed off to expose the aggregate. We can also stamp borders on regular concrete, acid stain existing concrete floors and do all kinds of neat things to make the concrete on your property look extraordinary!

With a site consultation we’ll be able to quickly assess your concrete to decide which process might be the best option for your property and your budget.

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Stamped Concrete For Commercial Construction in <city> Ohio

Commercial projects that require decorative or stamped concrete work are often much larger projects, and may require special considerations to be made depending on the location of the commercial property.  DiFranco Contractors is well versed on city building codes and the complexity of larger scale concrete projects.  Stamped concrete is a great cost efficient upgrade for restaurant patios, courtyards, sidewalks, walkways and more as it we can blend it in beautifully with your existing landscape design.

Why Choose DiFranco Contractors Inc. For Your Stamped and Decorative Concrete Needs?

When you choose DiFranco Contractors to construct your new stamped concrete project you are partnering with experienced professionals.  You will deal directly with Gianni DiFranco (owner) with more than 20 years experience.

Gianni will consult with you on your project, provide you with your estimate and will be present for the work when your job is scheduled.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to install stamped concrete then please give us a call 440-946-2029 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be getting right back to you.