Seven Benefits of a Waterproofed Basement in Painesville and Concord Ohio 44077

A Basement doesn’t have to be that dark, musty place down below many people in Northeast Ohio think it is.  It can be used as living area just like the rest of your house.  Here are seven benefits to having a waterproofed basement.

No Leaks

This may seem obvious but the one of the most beneficial things about a waterproofed basement is it doesn’t leak.  A wet basement is usually an unhealthy one and a good place for mold to develop and breed.  If you get rid of the water, you get rid of the mold and mildew.

Peace of Mind

A waterproof basement gives homeowners peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it rains or the snow melts.  In more problemed basements, they don’t have to worry about flooding.

No Mold

Mold is very unhealthy for you and your homes air quality.  It can cause health issues that most people aren’t even aware of.  If a basement is dry, the mold won’t develop.  Unfortunately, just getting your basement waterproofed won’t get rid of the mold on its own.  After your waterproofing job is completed, you’ll have to get rid of the mold.  It won’t come back if your basement is dry, is the good news.

No Smell or Odors 

A very common sign of a wet basement is a wet, damp smell coming from it.  A wet basement can make your entire home smell.  This smell is not pleasant at all and very common in homes that have basement water issues.  Generally the smell will go away when things dry up.

Better Air Quality Upstairs

The air in the basement doesn’t stay in the basement.   Wet basement air that is full of contaminants from the mildew, mold, rot and other allergens that flourish in wet environments will travel upstairs. Naturally the air in your home rises so if the quality of air in your basement is compromised, it will be compromised in your entire home. A dry basement makes the air in your entire home healthier.

Getting ready for a Basement Remodel

If you plan on finishing your basement or doing a remodel, basement waterproofing your basement is a must.  A dry basement will protect your flooring, furnishings, and finished area materials like drywall and wood.  Finishing a basement with water issues is never a good ideal.

Structural integrity  for your Foundation

Ignored water problems can lead to serious structural damage of the foundation of your home.  Taking care of these water issues will insure you don’t have any foundation problems in the future.   While not all foundation issues are preventable, the majority of them are caused by water problems and could have been avoided.

If you would like an estimate, second opinion or general information about basement waterproofing in Concord or Painesville, Ohio, or surrounding Northeast Ohio, you can reach DiFranco Contractors Inc at 440-946-2029.

Basement Waterproofing Concord Painesville OH 44077

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