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DiFranco Contractors are known for their specialty in all residential, industrial, business, and municipal concrete work throughout Willoughby Ohio. We use top of the line materials and provide quality workmanship. Every concrete task is engineered to work pleasant for its application. After two decades worth of concrete experience, we recognize which materials work and perform the best for each application.

Concrete Construction Services Willoughby OH






Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Willoughby OH

Stamped concrete is a product that gives the appearance of tile, stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, and other natural surfaces, with the low cost  of concrete. The specification of the concrete itself is similar to normal concrete so it’s extraordinarily durable.  Generally, all stamped concrete has two colors, one integral and one antique coloration. The color choices are almost endless.

Along with stamped, we additionally offer different sorts of decorative concrete.  Colored concrete is simply ordinary concrete with a color of your desire introduced to the mixture.  Exposed aggregate is a unique mix where a unique aggregate is used inside the concrete. The concrete is placed as ordinary concrete and before it’s final set, the surface is washed off to reveal the unique aggregate. We can also stamp borders on regular concrete, acid stain old concrete flooring and do all types of neat matters to make the concrete look extraordinary.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Willoughby Ohio

Basement waterproofing in Willoughby is often necessary  when a foundation of a home or building becomes damp.  This is a common problem in Northeast Ohio when builder chose to skimp on gravel backfill and backfill with impermeable soil from the basement excavation.  Finding a professional basement waterproofing company is the first step in eliminating your problem and making your basement area usable again.

DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers each indoor and outdoor basement waterproofing for the city of Willoughby and surrounding areas..  We offer waterproofing  to residential houses, commercial buildings,  condos,  garages and any other structure that has a below grade area that has water issues.  Generally, outside waterproofing is the preferred technique but in some cases an interior method may be suggested to fix the problem.

Masonry Services in Willoughby OH

Whether repair work or your want complete new foundation for a new home, DiFranco Contractors, Inc can easily deal with any masonry challenge with any masonry project. We can complete just about any masonry project you can dream of.

Sewer and Drainage Services in Pepper Pike OH

DiFranco Contractors Inc provides  new sewer installation and repairs.  We are a Lake County licensed sewer builder and contractor.   We also provide camera service to locate any compromised areas, so we are able to do the least amount of digging and save our customers money. Sewer cleaning and jetting services also are available. Water lines, both main lines and service lines are serviced and installed. Water drainage problems also can be corrected together with standing water, water draining the incorrect way, and plenty of other issues wherein water is where you don’t need it.

Why you need to Choose DiFranco Contractor’s Inc for Your Construction Needs?

Gianni DiFranco (owner) still has the old school commercial enterprise motto where he bids the work himself and works along with his team who completes the work under his supervision.

With over two decades of experience and with hundreds of satisfied clients, you will be happy with the work we do.  When you demand quality work at an reasonable prices, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc.

If you’d want to acquire an estimate for concrete , excavation, masonry, stamped concrete, drainage, sewer or water line, get in touch with us or fill out our contact information form for more information.