Basement Waterproofing, Masonry, Excavating and Concrete Construction Willoughby OH

Masonry & Concrete Construction Willoughby OH

DiFranco Contractors specializes in all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal concrete projects throughout Willoughby Ohio. We use top of the line materials and old world quality workmanship. Every concrete job is specified/engineered to work best for it’s application. After 20 years worth of concrete experience, we know which materials work and perform the best for the particular application.

Concrete Construction Services Willoughby OH

Pools and Pool Decks
Patios and Decks
Walkways and Sidewalks
Garage Floors
Shop Floors
Machinery Pits
Concrete Curbs
Handicap Ramps
Street Aprons
Commercial Floors
Loading Docks
Parking Lots
Machine Pads

Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Willoughby OH

Basement Waterproofing WilloughbyStamped concrete is a product that offers the look of tile, stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, and other similar surfaces, with the low maintenance of concrete. The specification of the concrete itself is the same as regular concrete so it’s extremely durable.  Generally, all stamped concrete has 2 colors, one integral and one antique color. The pattern and color combinations are endless so you can custom design exactly what you desire.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Willoughby Ohio

Basement waterproofing in Willoughby is often necessary when a home or building has a basement that is below grade (meaning below the ground).  The last thing you want or need is water leaking into your home and it’s a very real problem for thousands of homeowners across Ohio on an annual basis.  Finding a professional basement waterproofing company with extensive experience is key to solving your problem once and for all.

Masonry Services in Willoughby OH

Whether it’s new work or repair work. DiFranco Contractors, Inc can handle any masonry project from rebuilding a step to building an entire building. Quality work that lasts is our specialty. We can take any masonry project from the ground up.

Masonry, Brick, Block and Stone Construction Services

Steps and stairs
Addition foundations
Basement wall replacement
Cultured stone
Natural stone
Indoor and outdoor fireplaces
New chimneys and repairs
Concrete footers
Retaining walls
Brick and block work
Masonry buildings
Decks and patios

Sewer and Drainage Services in Willoughby OH

DiFranco Contractor’s, Inc offers new sewer installation and repairs. We can service all sanitary and storm sewers. Camera service is also available to find any compromised areas, so we can do the least amount of digging and save our customers money. Sewer cleaning and jetting services are also available. Water lines, both service and main lines are serviced and installed. Water drainage problems can also be corrected such as standing water, water draining the wrong way, and many other problems where water is where you don’t want it.

Sewer and Drain Services We Offer:

Storm Sewers
Water Mains
Sanitary Sewers
Sewer Cleaning/Jetting
Yard Drainage
Sewer Cameras
Culvert Pipes
Test Tee Repair
Catch Basins
Backflow Preventers
Water Lines
French Drains
Sump Pumps
Sewage Ejection Pumps
Dry Wells
Septic System Repairs
Downspout Lines
Water Lines

DiFranco Contractors Inc proudly services the city of Willoughby.  Please contact us for any of your concrete, basement waterproofing, excavating and masonry services you may need.

The city of Willoughby has one of the most fascinating histories of northeast Ohio.  It was part of six counties before finally settling into Lake County, and had few other names before it was officially called Willoughby.  The first people to settle arrived around the year of 1750 and continued to move towards the area for hundreds of years.  In 1834, Dr. Willoughby, a local practitioner opened the Willoughby Medical College to try and attract more medical professionals studying to be doctors to the area.  The next year, the town was named after him.

One of the nicest places for people to take in the Ohio scenery is in two recently improved parks.  Both Sunset and Osborne Parks have improved walking paths, athletic fields, picnic areas, and piers for fishing.  Also nearby is the Holden Arboretum, a large park which hosts multiple areas for you to enjoy the area with events and activities going on in all seasons.

For those interested in Willoughby, there are several places to play.  The Kirtland Country Club and Manakiki Golf Course are popular with visitors and residents.

Little Red Schoolhouse and History Center of Willoughby is a more historical outing and is located next to Willoughby South High.  The historical site includes a one room schoolhouse and tools such as spinning wheels and printing presses that were used in the period of time when the school was open.

Why Choose DiFranco Contractor’s Inc For Your Construction Needs?

Basement Waterproofing WilloughbyGianni DiFranco (owner) still has the old fashioned business motto where he bids the work himself and works with his crew who completes the work under his supervision.

You deal directly with the owner of the company throughout the entire project. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong. When you demand quality work at a reasonable price, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for concrete construction, excavation, masonry, stamped concrete, drainage repair/installation, sewer or general construction work please give us a call or fill out our contact form for more information.