Basement Waterproofing, Masonry and Concrete Construction Solon OH

Concrete Construction and Basement Waterproofing in Solon OH

Hiring for Concrete Construction, Basement Waterproofing, Excavation Services in Solon Ohio

DiFranco Contractors has been serving the local Solon community for more than twenty years. Founded in 1996, we pride ourselves on delivering quality work on every job. We specialize in many types of contractor projects and can help you with residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects throughout Solon Ohio including concrete projects.

Concrete isn’t for every contractor, but the team at DiFranco Contractors know exactly how to handle every concrete job. We never treat projects the same. In fact, every concrete job is independently reviewed by owner, Gianni, to make sure we fully understand your expectations. When it comes to concrete, we make sure each job is specified and engineered to create the best application. We also know that you won’t see a successful concrete application unless the base is well thought out.

Each base consists of a unique gravel combination. On top of that, we include a superplasticizer admixture to make sure the water/cement ratio is just right. We even double reinforce the concrete with rebar  and fiber. And finally every project receives a coat of a special compound that cures and seals the concrete from harmful chemicals and nature.

Our careful planning process assures the final project will last a long time.

Solon Concrete Construction

Pools and Pool Decks
Patios and Decks
Walkways and Sidewalks
Shop or Garage Floors
Machinery Pits
Concrete Curbs and Walkways
Handicap paths and ramps
Street Aprons
Commercial Flooring
Loading Docks
Small or large Parking Lots
Machine Pads

Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Solon OH

Concrete Construction Service Solon OHStamped concrete takes concrete projects to a new level of appearance and elegance. Stamped concrete looks sophisticated which can lead you to believe it is hard to care for. That is not the case. Stamped concrete offers the durability and low maintenance of regular concrete. It offers a number of patterns and colors making creating your ideal space possible.

Stamped concrete isn’t the only decorative concrete we offer.  Choose from colored concrete (normal concrete with color added to the mixture) or exposed aggregate, stamped borders, or acid staining. With so many choices there is no reason to settle for regular concrete in every situation.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Solon Ohio

Basement waterproofing in Solon is often necessary when a home or building has a basement that is below grade (meaning below the ground).  The last thing you want or need is water leaking into your home and it’s a very real problem for thousands of homeowners across Ohio on an annual basis.  Finding a professional basement waterproofing company with extensive experience is key to solving your problem once and for all.

DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers both interior and exterior basement waterproofing throughout Solon Ohio and the surrounding area.  We offer waterproofing services to residential homes, commercial buildings, and any structure that has a below grade area that needs to be waterproofed.  Generally, exterior waterproofing is the preferred method that we will use because it’s the most permanent fix but in some instances the interior methods will work just as well (and they can be less expensive).

Be cautious of any company that offers a combination interior/exterior method for all problems, as it’s generally a glorified interior method at the full cost of a premium exterior waterproofing.

Masonry Services in Solon OH

Whether it is a new masonry project or masonry repair tasks, DiFranco Contractors, Inc can help. We handle many masonry assignments. Some are as small as fixing brick steps and some are as large as reconstructing a building. No job is too small or big for our qualified crew. We deliver quality every times so you can count on us to handle your entire masonry project.

Brick, Stone, Masonry Block Services

Steps and stairs
Addition foundations
Basement wall replacement
Cultured stone
Natural stone
Indoor and outdoor fireplaces
New chimneys and repairs
Concrete footers
Retaining walls
Brick and block work
Masonry buildings
Decks and patios

Sewer and Drainage Services in Solon OH

Sewer and drainage projects aren’t always the most enjoyable tasks for our customers. That is why the call us! We offer a variety of installation and repair services including sewer systems and water lines.  In addition to installation and repair, we also offer camera service to pinpoint problem areas. Our customers appreciate the technology because it means less work, time for us, and lower costs for them.

Types of Sewer and Drain Services:

Storm Sewers
Water Mains
Sanitary Sewers
Sewer Cleaning/Jetting
Yard Drainage
Sewer Cameras
Culvert Pipes
Test Tee Repair
Catch Basins
Backflow Preventers
Water Lines
French Drains
Sump Pumps
Sewage Ejection Pumps
Dry Wells
Septic System Repairs
Downspout Lines
Water Lines

General Contracting Services in Solon OH

Have a project at your home or workplace and don’t want to contract it out yourself? These days, many homeowners and professionals who run businesses have heard the horror stories of dealing with contractors, and they don’t really know who to trust.

DiFranco Contractor’s has been in business for over 20 years and has a partnership with the best tradesmen that can also handle any project, big or small…

General Contracting Services We Offer:

New home construction
Commercial Buildings
Build outs

Hire a Solon OH Contractor You can Trust

Concrete Construction Service Solon OH

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