Basement Waterproofing, Masonry and Concrete Construction Pepper Pike Ohio

Basement Waterproofing and Concrete Construction Pepper Pike Ohio

At DiFranco Contractors, we specialize in all types of concrete projects in  Pepper Pike Ohio. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal. Every concrete job is specified / engineered to work best for its application. With 20 years of know how, we know the right materials to use for each particular situation.

Concrete Construction Services in Pepper Pike OH

concrete driveway installations

concrete sidewalk

cement patio

concrete slab

Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Pepper Pike OH

Stamped concrete is a concrete that has the same physical appearance with tile, stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, and even wood. It is ideal for decorating pool decks, driveways, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios.  Stamped concrete has become the choice of homeowners and designers because it is durable and relatively inexpensive compared to the natural materials it mimics.  Stamped concrete costs lower than the other materials it is a substitute for and generally considered more durable.  The pattern and color combinations are endless so you can custom design exactly what you desire.

We also make other types of decorative concrete.

We can provide Colored concrete which is just is produced by adding integral color  into the concrete mix. We also place Exposed aggregate concrete which is made by placing concrete and washing off the outer surface of the cement showing the aggregate.   Many different aggregates can be used for exposed aggregate concrete, each having a unique look.  Exposed aggregate concrete can be used in place just about anywhere regular concrete is used.

We can also stamp borders on regular concrete, acid stain existing concrete floors and do all kinds of neat things to make the concrete look extraordinary!

Basement Waterproofing Services in Pepper Pike Ohio

Basement waterproofing in Pepper Pike is often required when a structure is built below grade or at the ground level. It is sometime needed when water problems occur in basement and crawl spaces.  this water problem is relatively common in Northeast Ohio basements and below grade areas. Finding a professional basement waterproofing company with extensive experience is important to solving your problem once and for all.

If you need effective basement waterproofing service or your home, why not call on DiFranco Contractors Inc ?  We will help you get rid of moisture in your basement by using our highly technological basement waterproofing systems that solves your problems for life. Choose our exclusive exterior waterproofing method today and say goodbye to water seeping through your basement walls.

Masonry Services in Pepper Pike OH

DiFranco Contractors  Inc also offers masonry construction services. Our team of cement masons can improve your residence or any commercial project you may have. Our masonry services include:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Brick steps
  • cultured stone
  • Steps
  • Stoops
  • Stone
  • Block

With over 20 years of experience, DiFranco Contractors Inc. is the wise choice for any project you may have.

Sewer and Drainage Services in Pepper Pike OH

DiFranco Contractor’s, Inc are experts in sewer installation and repairs. We can service all sanitary and storm sewers in Pepper Pike Ohio. Camera service is also available to find any compromised areas, so we can do the least amount of digging and save our customers money. Our professionally trained team will make sure any project we complete meets your requirements. We also correct water drainage problems. 

Why Choose DiFranco Contractor’s Inc For Your Construction Needs?

Gianni DiFranco (owner) still has the old fashioned business motto where he bids the work himself and works with his crew who completes the work under his supervision.

You deal directly with the owner of the company throughout the entire project. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong. When you demand quality work at a reasonable price, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc.