Basement Waterproofing, Masonry and Concrete Construction Orange Village OH

Finding an Honest Contractor in Orange Village OH

Finding an Honest Contractor in Orange Village Ohio

If you live in Orange Village, Ohio or another part of the Northeast region, you know there are a number of contractors and construction companies available. Navigating through each of these can take a long time, inspire questions you don’t know the answers to, and leave you feeling lost on how to tackle your project. We are here to take the guesswork out of the research process!

For more than twenty years, DiFranco Contractors has been working with Orange Village residents on their construction needs. In our time working with community members like you, we have learned what you expect and know how to deliver on those expectations. Before you hire just any contractor on your list, make sure they are experts in the industries they serve.  Our past clients include more than residential projects; we also provide services to industrial, business and government entities.

When you hire DiFranco Contractors, you can expect that we only use the best materials available to deliver exceptional results to each of our customers

Orange Village Concrete

We offer plenty of concrete services to Orange Village including commercial floors, driveways, walkways, ramps, and curbs. What makes us specialists in concrete services in addition to our experience is our focus on detail along the way. There are several steps every great concrete contractor knows they need to follow to deliver the best end project.

We start the process by focusing on you, your needs, and expectations. If a contractor doesn’t listen, there is no way to they can make you happy. From there we move on to the creating the right gravel base, water/cement mixture, and reinforcement to create strong and lasting concrete. At the end of the project, we seal the concrete with a compound that protects it from outside forces like UV rays, moisture, and unknown chemicals. For a more in-depth look at the concrete services we offer to Orange Village, Ohio, take a look at this list.


Concrete Construction Orange VillageStamped concrete is another popular concrete choice with our customers. You can create a look of stone, slate, or cobblestone with this technique. Customers choose stamped concrete because of the vast number of pattern and color possibilities, low maintenance, longevity, and better overall appearance.

We also offer a variety of other types of decorative concrete options.   Spruce up normal concrete by adding a bit of color to the mix before application. Or you can choose an exposed aggregate method that exposes a special aggregate once the surface is washed.  We also stamp borders or acid stain existing concrete floors to make them more elegant.

Basement Waterproofing  in Orange Village Ohio

Orange Village residents contact us when they need help with waterproofing their basement. This is particularly a problem when part of a building like a basement is underground. Hiring a professional basement waterproofing company is the best way to minimize water leaking problems in Orange Village.

When hiring a basement waterproofing company, look for one that uses either an exterior or interior waterproofing method. DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers basement waterproofing methods throughout Orange Village Ohio.  We also typically recommend the exterior method because it is considered a permanent solution. There is the occasion when interior methods work as well.

If a waterproofing company suggests a combined exterior and interior method, ask more questions. Our experience has shown they are typically charging higher rates for a low-cost solution that doesn’t last.

Masonry and General Contracting Services in Orange Village OH

Besides the long list of services explained above, we also offer masonry and general contracting services. Think about your next big project, does it require brick or stone? For the best results on a masonry project, it is a smart decision to hire a professional and expert mason. They know exactly how to manipulate and maneuver bricks and stone to create an appealing masterpiece. DiFranco Contractors, Inc handles small, large, new or repair masonry projects.

Some days we find ourselves rebuilding steps and pathways and other times we take on complete construction projects. Whatever our customers need, we are willing to help with including decks, patios, walls, fireplaces, foundations and more.

Are you ready to build a brand new home or add to your existing home or building? In some larger projects, it makes sends to hire a general contractor who oversees the entire process, hires tradesmen, and holds everybody accountable in their project role. Some people try to manage all of those items on their own. But, it usually makes better sense (and less stress) to hire a professional general contractor.

During our 20+ years in business, DiFranco Contractor’s knows the local contracting businesses, and we have developed unique and solid relationships with those that are trustworthy. Hiring us means you get access to the best at a reasonable cost.



 DiFranco Contractor’s Inc is an Honest Contractor

Concrete Construction Orange VillageEvery new project starts with a conversation and continues into a relationship. It is important to our owner Gianni that we know exactly what customers expect when they hire us. He meets individually with every new customer to establish that relationship and continues to cultivate it until the project is complete.

Complete the online form or call us today to get an honest quote from an honest contractor in Orange Village Ohio.