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DiFranco Contractors continues to offer its services to Moreland Hills’ residents and businesses. One of our popular services revolves around concrete construction needs in Northeast Ohio. specializes in all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal concrete projects throughout Moreland Hills Ohio.

To deliver the best concrete results, we only buy materials we know will last. We pair these quality materials with honest and ethical workmanship so you can rest assured you’ll end up with the results you want. Since every concrete project requires a different plan, approach, and materials, we take the time to review and understand your long-term expectations. We then create a unique plan that uses the right techniques to create an outcome you can be proud to show off.

There are several facets to a quality concrete construction project. Each one requires the contractor to start with a well-executed base. Once the right base is placed, they can then move on to creating the perfect cement and water ratio that creates a long-lasting concrete application. To increase durability, the best concrete contractors (like DiFranco Contractors) also use a double reinforcement method. The final step in a concrete construction project is to protect the concrete from chemicals, sun, and rain by curing and sealing it with a special coating.

Moreland Hills Concrete Services 


Moreland Hills Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Concrete Construction Moreland HillsStamped concrete has become increasingly popular in recent years. Maybe that is because our customers are tired of the same old look of concrete and like the idea of customizing exactly how their patio, deck, or pool area looks. Stamped concrete is the perfect solution for those that want the low maintenance and durability benefits of concrete but also want to appear more sophisticated. Customers that choose stamped concrete get to pick two different colors and a pattern of their choice to bring a vision to life.

There are other decorative concrete options in addition to stamped. Some customer choose to go with colored concrete. This type of concrete is your normal concrete base with a touch of color mixed in to make its appearance more pleasant.  You can also choose exposed aggregate, to stamp borders on concrete, and to acid stain your current concrete areas to make it look more appealing.

Do you Need Basement Waterproofing?

We often find that Moreland Hills residents and businesses battle leaky basements. This is especially true when part of the home or building are considered below grade. Waterproofing Moreland Hills basements is just one of the services we consider to be our specialties. Nobody wants to deal with standing water in a basement every time it rains. And if you choose to ignore the problem, you can end up with a much larger and more expensive issue later like mold.

There are three types of basement waterproofing services Moreland Hills residents can pick from.

  • Interior waterproofing
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Interior/Exterior waterproofing

DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers two of the three options. Interior and exterior are our the best options for Moreland Hills residents. Why don’t we offer the combination interior/exterior? The answer is simple. If you are working with a contractor that offers the combination on any project, they are not looking out for your best interest. We find that in most cases, these companies are charging the premium price of exterior waterproofing but only delivering interior services. If you need basement waterproofing in Moreland Hills Ohio make sure you do your research and hire a company that looks out for its customers.

Other Services in Moreland Hills Ohio

At DiFranco Contractors, we consider our company a full-service stop for your construction needs. In addition to concrete, decorative concrete, and basement waterproofing, we also offer masonry, sewer/drainage, and general contracting services.


Masonry projects require properly trained individuals referred to as masons to complete the job to required specifications. You can rest assured that our crew has this expertise. Whether you need something new built or something old fixed, we can help. Take a look at our long list of masonry services we offer in Northeast Ohio.


When it comes to sewer and drainage problems or projects, you almost always need an expert contractor to handle and manage the necessary tasks. DiFranco Contractor’s, Inc has the experience to complete these projects successfully. We offer sewer, water pipe, water drainage installation, repair, preventative maintenance, and diagnosis so you can save money over the long-term and avoid out-of-control expenses from an unexpected future project.  If you have a sewer or drainage project and want help, call DiFranco Contractors who has over twenty years of experience in the industry.

General Contracting

Some customers contact us because they have a big project like a new home build and don’t know where to start to hire the right contractors for each project. That is considered a general contractor service. With our vast experience, we have quickly learned which local companies provide superior work and which don’t. We help customers with these projects by overseeing the entire process and only hiring companies that deliver quality.

If you are ready to build, add on to your existing home or commercial building, we can help minimize your invested time and stress by handling the hard decisions on your behalf.


 DiFranco Contractor’s Inc

Concrete Construction Moreland HillsGive us the opportunity to quote your upcoming project. You can count on us for a number of reasons. First, you talk directly with  Gianni through the entire process. Second, we have a long list of happy customers, and a reputation that speaks for itself.

No matter what your next project is, we can help! Call us for help on your concrete or stamped concrete construction, excavation, masonry, sewer or general construction needs.