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How to Hire a Mayfield OH Concrete Construction and Excavating Company

What Mayfield Residents Should Know About Contractors

When it comes to hiring a Mayfield Ohio contractor, it is often hard to figure out who you can trust with your residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal construction needs. There are plenty of Ohio contractors that make big promises but fail to deliver. That is one thing you don’t have to be concerned with when your hire DiFranco Contractors.

Our experienced team includes experts in a number of construction and contract fields including concrete projects in Mayfield Ohio. In addition to only hiring experienced crew members, we also employ the best equipment and superior materials to make your vision a reality. If you’re in the middle of hiring a concrete contractor and they tell you that every concrete job is the same, they are wrong. DiFranco Contractors knows that every job requires different resources and a plan to deliver what you want when you want it. That is exactly how we approach each job. After important conversations with customers and a detailed review of the specifications, we engineer the concrete application best-suited for the project at hand.

Some Mayfield concrete contractors may even try to rush through the job by skipping the most important part of the job – the base. Any expert concrete contractor knows that a solid base can make or break the entire project. That is why we make sure every project starts with the perfect gravel base. From there, we move on to the admixture. Our concrete usually includes a superplasticizer admixture. What is that? It’s what keeps the ratio of water and cement at the perfect combination and delivers the strength, longevity, and durability you expect from your investment. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, we also include double reinforcement or each job.

To finalize any concrete job, we coat with a special compound that cures and seals it from sun rays, rain, and harsh chemicals. We believe in delivering quality work that lasts. That is why we go to such great lengths to make sure we deliver what we promise.

Mayfield Ohio Concrete Construction Services 

Concrete Driveways
Pools and Decks
Sidewalks and Walkways
Loading Ramps
Commercial Parking Lots
Machine Pads

Mayfield Ohio Decorative Concrete Options

Plain concrete isn’t for every scenario. Maybe you have dreams of redoing your backyard patio or pool area with something a bit more upscale. A trending solution is the use of sConcrete Construction Mayfield OHtamped concrete.

Stamped concrete is a low maintenance product that looks more elegant than regular concrete. Many homeowners choose to create the look of slate, tile, stone, cobblestone, and even brick. The great thing about stamped concrete is that is low maintenance and highly durable. Most stamped concrete projects include two different colors, one is called integral and the other is referred to as antique to offset each other. Every individual has a different personality and their stamped concrete can reflect it with an unlimited number of color and design combinations available.

We also offer other decorative concrete services to the Mayfield community.  Choose from colored concrete (concrete with a touch of color added to the mix), exposed aggregate, stamped borders on concrete, and even acid staining to existing concrete floors! The possibilities for your concrete project are endless.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Mayfield Ohio

Waterproofing your below grade or underground basement isn’t something that sounds enjoyable, but for many Mayfield residents, it is necessary.

Waterproofing your Mayfield basement   doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to hire a company you can trust to the do the job right. We can all agree that the very last thing you want to worry about every day is water leaking into your basement. Plenty of Ohio residents do that every day. Don’t be one of them.  Hire an professional company to waterproof your basement checking references, reviews, and their prior experience.

One important question to ask contractors is which type of waterproofing they offer. There are two different types – interior and exterior. Exterior waterproofing is the better of the  because it is referred to as a more permanent solution. There are some cases where interior method works, but only an experienced contractor will know which type to use. DiFranco Contractors Inc. offers both types of basement waterproofing throughout Mayfield Ohio. We offer our services to both residential and business customers that have waterproofing needs.

Masonry Services in Mayfield Ohio

Maybe you prefer masonry to concrete options. We have crew members experienced in that too! From brand new projects to repairing older masonry, our team is equipped to deliver the solution and results you expect. DiFranco Contractors, Inc managers a  number of different types of masonry projects every month including  rebuilding brick or stone steps to constructing an new building. To assure we deliver long-lasting quality work, we manage every masonry job we take on from beginning to end so nothing gets overlooked.


Mayfield Ohio Sewer/Drainage Services

Our services extend beyond concrete, masonry, and waterproofing needs. We also provide sewer and drainage services to Mayfield Ohio. DiFranco Contractor’s can install and repair sewers and water lines according to local code. We take care of all of the required permits so you have less to worry about.

We also believe that the key to delivering a great final project is investing in the right resources including equipment and technology. That is why we only buy the best equipment and keep it well maintained to provide continuous quality craftsmanship.


Contractor in Mayfield Ohio

Some projects require multiple contractors to get the job completed to your satisfaction. In these cases, you need to hire a general contractor to oversee your home or business. Hiring the right general contractor means you need to ask the right questions. What type of experience do they have? Where do the find the various contractors to perform the work? What are their quality standards? Do they match your expectations.  The last thing you want is to end up in the middle of a horror story with nothing going according to plan.

DiFranco Contractor’s has the experience you are looking for. With more than twenty years of experience in general contracting, we know who the quality contractors are in Mayfield Ohio. We only work with the best which means you can sleep at night with ease knowing your project is in great hands.

We Offer:

New home build
Existing structure additions
Commercial Building Renovations
New Porch or Patio construction
Build outs to your existing structure
New Garage Builds
Deck builds or renovations
Remodeling your current home

DiFranco Contractor’s Inc is the Experienced Contractor You Need

Concrete Construction Mayfield OHGianni DiFranco (owner) believes in a long lost business motto – one that means you get to know him personally through the life of your project. Every new customer meets Gianni at the initial estimate meeting. After your meeting, he takes your wish list and expectations back to his team who he then oversees throughout the project to make sure you get what you pay for.

You get the chance to communicate exactly what you want to the person in charge, which is rare to find these days. Since 1996, DiFranco Contractors, Inc. has been delivering quality work by building quality relationships first. We believe in honesty and integrity which is why we refuse to charge outrageous premiums for our work.

To request an estimate for contracting needs, complete the form or give us a call us today. We can help with general construction, excavation, stamped concrete & regular concrete construction, masonry, drainage repair/installation, and sewer work.