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Concrete Construction, basement waterproofing, masonry, sewer, and drainage services in Chesterland OH

Concrete Construction Services

Concrete, a well-known construction material has been used since ancient times around the world. It’s immense strength, durability and cost-effectiveness makes it the most popular construction material. Each year concrete companies are producing tons of concrete that is utilized for building residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure to drive growth and economic prosperity. Concrete comprises of Limestone, sand and portland cement.  It is used around the world more than any other building material.

Stamped and Decorative Concrete in Chesterland OH

Concrete is now available in different forms such as stamped and decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is textured in such a manner that it gives the look of a stone, brick, tile, slate, and other similar surfaces. Apart from this, it comes in various patterns and color combinations. It is commonly used for making patios, driveways, sidewalks, interior flooring, and pool decks. The advantage of using stamped concrete is that it costs less than other materials like slate, brick or a stone which it replaces.  It is also more durable and requires less maintenance.  

If you decide on using stamped concrete, it will not only give you the look and texture of a patio made with stone, but will cost less than the material it mimics.  The patterns on the patio or other area you choose to stamp are made by using large polyurethane stamps which are pressed into the wet or plastic concrete to create a visually appealing pattern. The concrete contractors use tamping tool to press them into the concrete. This type of concrete is just as durable as regular concrete as it’s placed with the same mix.

Apart from stamped concrete, there are other types of decorative concrete which are available. Nowadays, builders, homeowners, and designers recognize the value of using concrete in their construction designs and plans. This type of concrete enhances the structure of a building by transforming the traditional grey color of concrete into attractive colors patterns.  So, whether you want a colorful outdoor patio or a pool deck, everything can be done within your budget.

Basement Waterproofing in Chesterland OH

Waterproofing of the basement is vital while constructing a residential or commercial property.   Unfortunately, many builders do not do an adequate job when building which usually causes unwanted basement water issues for homeowners.  To prevent water from penetrating into the basement, various techniques and materials are used.  Many homeowners in Ohio would agree to the fact that wet basements has been a major issue in  Northeast Ohio.  Therefore, it is imperative for them to take services of waterproofing companies so as to avoid basement leaks which may damage the foundation of structure.  These companies offer both external and internal waterproofing services. However, external waterproofing is the most preferred method.  In a case of exterior basement waterproofing, excavation is done all around the house to the full depth of foundation walls. The waterproof or damp proofing coating  is then applied to the walls.  Drain tile is installed to carry away the water to a storm sewer.  The trench is then backfilled with a coarse gravel which allows the water to drain to the drain tile.   The best time to get basement waterproofing done is when the property is under construction.  Unfortunately this process is generally neglected by builders as it’s not required by local building codes in most areas.

Masonry Services in Chesterland OH

While constructing a house or a commercial building, masonry services become an essential part of the structure. Materials such as bricks and different types of building stones like granite, marble, limestone, and glass block etc are provided by masons. There are various masonry contractors who provide these services in Ohio, but the goal is to find the best. Masonry services are not only used during construction of a building, but also for repair works in already constructed buildings.

Sewer and Drainage Services in Chesterland OH

Keeping the surroundings clean is the moral responsibility of all citizens. Hence, it is imperative that sewers and drainage systems are properly maintained around your house or office building. Regular sewer cleaning and jetting services should be availed from sewer companies so as to avoid any blockages in the sewer line. Apart from this the water drainage systems should be repaired or corrected in case standing water.

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