Basement Waterproofing, Masonry and Concrete Construction Ashtabula OH

Hiring the Best Contractor in Ashtabula OH

Sometimes your home and business projects are bigger than you can handle or than you are willing to take on yourself. In those cases, you need to hire a professional contractor to manage your concrete, sewer/drainage, masonry and even general contracting needs. Where do you start? There is a long list of available contractors in the Ashtabula Ohio community, but only a few can deliver what you need – honest work that lasts.

DiFranco Contractors was established in 1996 and continues to offer services in Northeast Ohio including Ashtabula. We offer a variety of contractor services including masonry, concrete and decorative concrete, sewer/drainage, excavating, and basement waterproofing to name a few. We offer these services to both residential and businesses (including industrial and municipal entities). No matter what the project is, we only invest in top-quality materials that last a long time. So you don’t have to worry.

Concrete Contractor in Ashtabula Ohio

One of our most popular services it our vast array of concrete options. We know exactly how to manage every new concrete project and start by meeting with you to ask questions a get a 360-degree view of your expectations. Every concrete application requires a solid base that consists of the right type of gravel mixture. From there, we find the materials that will provide the best outcome for your vision. Most of our applications include a special admixture that creates a perfect cement and water combination for longevity and durability.

After we successfully place the concrete mixture, we focus on reinforcing it with rebar and fiber for even better strength. the final step in our concrete process is to seal the concrete with a special coating that keeps harmful elements like sun, rain, and chemicals at bay.

Some of the concrete construction services we offer in Ashtabula include concrete driveways, pool areas, patios, sidewalks, parking lots and many more!

Stamped or Decorative Concrete in Ashtabula Ohio

Maybe you have a concrete project but you want it to look better than your typical grayish concrete color. Stamped concrete and decorative concrete options let you make your home or business area look extraordinary.

Concrete Construction Ashtabula OHStamped concrete opens up doors to many different color and pattern combinations. You can make your concrete area have the appearance of slate, cobblestone or even brick depending on your personality. Customers really like stamped concrete because along with being able to customize their concrete appearance, they still get the great benefits including easy to care for and strength.

Decorative concrete may be what you are looking for. Other options include colored concrete, exposed aggregate, border stamps, and acid stain. Contact us to review these various options today.

Basement Waterproofing in Ashtabula Ohio

Any homeowner’s worst nightmare is discover they have a serious leaking issue in their underground basement. If that is you, you are in the right place. DiFranco Contractors hears from Ashtabula customers everyday facing the same issue. In these cases, we recommend basement waterproofing. It many cases, it is the only solution that will prevent bigger water problems later.

The best thing you can do, is ask waterproofing companies specific questions about the methods they use. You will most often find companies, like DiFranco Contractors Inc, that offer exterior and interior waterproofing processes. Which is used depends on your unique waterproofing project. We also want you to be cautious of contractors that say they use a combination interior/exterior application for all problems. Our research shows that they are usually charging outrageous rates for interior waterproofing.

In most cases, we will recommend an exterior waterproofing method because it is considered a more permanent solution than interior. We only like to offer services that last a long time.

Masonry Contractor Ashtabula Ohio

DiFranco Contractors, Inc offers a variety of masonry services including brick and stonework. Our team of expert contractors can manage masonry work as small as building or rebuilding steps the whole way up to constructing new brick or stone buildings. We deliver quality results that last. In addition to steps and structures, we can also help with foundations, walls, fireplaces, footers, and decks.

Drainage/Sewer Services

DiFranco Contractor’s, Inc offers a wide array of drainage and sewer services including sewer installation and repairs,water pipe installation or repairs, water drainage problem diagnosis, sump pumps. We deliver quality results by investing in the right people, equipment, and technology. By doing so, we not only create better projects than our competition, we save customers money by doing it in less time.


Hire a General Contractor

Are you getting ready to build a new home, deck, sunroom, or addition? Did you think you could handle hiring the contractors you need on your own? More than likely you are here, because it requires too much time and you need help. DiFranco Contractors, Inc. has the experience you lack. We know exactly which Ashtabula Ohio contractors are trustworthy and worthy of your project. Let us use that experience to manage your larger projects so you can save time and enjoy your days.

DiFranco Contractor’s Inc  is The Best Choice

Concrete Construction Ashtabula OHOur previous clients say it best- we do exactly what promise, when we promise it, without leaving a big mess for you to deal with afterward. That is exactly what you can expect when you hire DiFranco Contractors for your next construction project. Every project starts with a conversation, what do you have to lose?

Call us today for a quote or more information on your next Ashtabula Ohio construction project.