Brick, Block and Masonry Northeast Ohio

Brick, Block and Stone Construction Contractor

Brick and Masonry Construction Projects

Do you have an upcoming construction or landscaping project that includes some custom stone, brick or block masonry work to be completed? Brick, block and stone are staple building materials for east coast homes and landscaping.

From brick or stone siding on your home to a new slate pool deck, to a beautiful new multi-tiered retaining wall on your property there are many possibilities when working with brick, block and stone.

DiFranco Contractor’s is a full service masonry contractor based out of Northern Ohio. We specialize in designing, planning and building custom structures and landscaping features out of brick, block, stone, slate, concrete and other natural rock or stone building materials.

With over 25 years experience working with custom masonry and stone projects we’ll be able to help you come up with a beautifully designed piece for your home, property or even your local business.

Brick, Block and Stone Contractor in Northeast Ohio

  • Custom Retaining Walls (Big and Small)

  • Brick or Stone porches and Steps

  • Brick or Stone Support Columns

  • Brick Driveways and Pathways

  • Outdoor Cooking Areas

  • Crawl space Foundation

  • Landscape Blocks

  • Block basements and foundations for additions

Brick is a great material for making meandering pathways through your gardens or even for construction your entire patio or pool deck if you like the look of the interlocking bricks. Stone can be used to add decoration to the exterior of your building in the form of pillars, or even siding. Landscape blocks are great for separating areas of your property and adding definition to your landscape.

Choosing the Right Conctractor for Your Masonry, Brick, Block or Stone Work

Hiring DiFranco Contractors to provide masonry services means you are hiring  a partner experienced in the profession.  You will deal directly with Gianni DiFranco (owner) with more than two decades of experience.

Gianni will consult with you on your project, provide you with your estimate and will be present for the work when your job is scheduled.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your masonry construction call 440-946-2029 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.