How to Hire a Masonry Contractor in Painesville and Concord, Ohio 44077

Whether you’re looking to have a masonry structure repaired, tuck pointed,  demolished, or new construction, deciding on the right masonry contractor that’s best fit for job can be a difficult choice to make.  DiFranco Contractors Inc., gives you a few tips to help you make the right decision.

Make sure you know exactly what you want done and communicate with the contractor.  Masonry contractors will usually have employees that are specialists in different types of masonry projects. Let them know exactly what you’re looking for so they can determine if they can do the job to your expectation.

Search for local contractors with a good reputation.   Ask your friends and family for recommendations on masonry contractors they’ve used in the past.   While word of mouth is the best way to find a masonry contractor, it’s a good ideal to do your own research on a contractor even if they’ve been recommended to you.

Don’t accept the first estimate you get, or the cheapest one.  Meet with three different masonry contractors and get detailed estimates for the project.   Prices that are extremely low compared to the others are usually a red flag.  It usually means the workmanship or quality of the project will be compromised.  Masonry is generally built to last a lifetime, so don’t skimp on workmanship.

Get some references from previous customers. Make sure the masonry contractors previous customers were happy with the work they performed.   Ask if they showed up on time and if they cleaned up after the job was completed.   Previous customers are a great way to gauge how good a contractor is.  Online reviews is also another great place to see if customers were happy with a contractor’s work.

Ask for proof of insurance.  There are many individuals out there doing side work in the masonry field.  These part time contractors generally don’t have any type of insurance in case something would happen on the job.  Workmans compensation is also required for all workers on the job site.  If there was an accident, and a contractor didn’t have the proper workmans compensation and insurance, the homeowner is responsible.

Please contact DiFranco Contractors Inc if you’d like an estimate for stone, foundation, brick, block, fireplace or any other type of masonry project in Painesville or Concord, Ohio and the surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio at (440) 946-2029.

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