How to find the best masonry contractor in Chardon, Ohio

Finding a contractor for your masonry project can be a bit of a hassle and you need to do your research.   Most contractors are going to tell you just how perfect they are for your particular job, but you should verify that for yourself.   Today we discuss the things you should do so you find the best masonry contractor who’s the best fit for your project.

Make some phone calls and and do some online research

It’s always a good ideal to get a few different estimates and see who you feel comfortable working with.   Ask the contractor lots of questions such as whether or not they have appropriate insurance and qualifications to do the work.   Ask them if they’ll be on the job themselves, or will someone else be running the job.  Another good question to ask, is if they’ve done any projects similar to your project.   With these questions you should get a feel of the type of person you’re dealing with, which can be very important.   See if they’re any online reviews on Facebook and Google which will give you an ideal how past customers feel.

Determine if the Masonry contractors price and time frame will work for you

See if the contractor will be able to complete the project when you’d like it done by.  Keep in mind the further your plan your project ahead of time, the better.  Generally, the skilled masonry contractors stay very busy in the fair weather months and can be booked out for sometime.  Spring and fall seem to be the busiest seasons.  It’s best to plan as you may have to go with a masonry contractor that’s not as skilled if you need the job done in a hurry.  Many times the sub par masonry contractors can be more expensive that the talented ones just because they know they’re the only ones available to complete the project.   The cheapest contractor also isn’t the best one to go with most of the time.  A cheaper price usually means lack of quality.  Make sure you fully explain your expectations to the possible mason.

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