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Whether you use your basement for storage, workshop, or its finished and you use it for living space, a leaky basement is never a good thing.  Signs of water mean there is potential for mold, mildew and an unhealthy environment.   Water puddles, wet walls, flaky white residue on walls, and a musty smell are usually a sign of a wet basement.  It’s important to have a professional diagnose the problem.

Cracks causing water leaks

A crack in the basement wall is the most common place for a leak.   A crack in the concrete floor is also a very common place for water to come in.  A crack that leaks will have to be repaired usually from the outside to seal it properly.  If you have water in your basement but no cracks, it’s time to look for other places the water is coming in.

Leaks at the base of the wall where it meets the floor

This is another very common place for a basement to leak.  The blocks are hollow on a concrete block foundation so many of the bottom blocks will hold water.  The block isn’t water tight, so the blocks will leak the water out.  In this situation, the water is usually coming in from a crack or void on the outside of the wall and just filling up the bottom blocks with water where it will usually leak out onto the floor.

Leaks at the Windows

Around the basement windows is another common area that will leak.  Many of the old windows were not sealed very good when installed.  Also, an improperly installed glass block window can also cause water to enter.  Many times, the grade is built up around the house by landscapers and homeowners by adding countless layers of mulch and topsoil.  The basement windows end up below grade and they aren’t meant to be.  

Water coming up through the concrete basement floor

Sometimes there is no visible leaks but the floor has water on it.   In this situation, the water may be wicking up through the basement floor.  This can be more common in an older home that doesn’t have a vapor barrier installed under the concrete floor.  Water being pushed up through the basement floor is usually caused by hydrostatic pressure from a high water table.  This can be hard to diagnose as it can be a combination of water coming through the walls and seeping under the floor, or just seeping up from under the floor.  Regardless of what the problem is caused from, a reputable basement waterproofing contractor can solve the problem.

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