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Excavating Services in Chardon

Grading & Excavating Contractors in Chardon, Ohio

Looking To Shape and Grade Your Property?
No grading project is out of our expertise! We enjoy the more difficult and sloped grading projects.

Grading and site preparation are two very important components in the construction process.  Proper grading of your building site will not only help with drainage but can also help with your aesthetics as well.  Making sure the actual building site and foundation is completely flat and level is also critically important to having a structure that is square and true and easy for other trades to work on.

DiFranco Contractor’s Inc. is an excavating and general contracting company based in Chardon, Ohio that offers plenty of services to meet your construction goals.  One of our specialties is earth grading and building site preparation for residential and commercial customers throughout Ohio.  From grading a challenging sloped property to digging out your foundation and more the team at DiFranco Contractor’s has over 20 years experience.

Grading and Excavating in Northeast Ohio

  • Grading sloped properties

  • Digging basements

  • Excavating building sites

  • Draining installations and repairs

  • Lot clearing and site preparation

  • Foundation Excavation

  • Building Excavation

  • Footer Excavation

  • Pool Demolition and Filling

  • Pool Excavation for pool contractors and Do It Yourselfers

Hire DiFranco Contractors Inc For Your Grading and Excavation Needs

When you hire DiFranco Contractors to provide your excavating a property grading services, you get more than you expect. We become your experienced partner in your construction project and take that partnership seriously. That is why you converse directly with Gianni DiFranco (owner) who has 20+ years of experience.

Gianni meets with your for an initial consult, provides an estimate and is present for the entire project.

It’s easy to request an estimate for excavation, grading or site work. Simply call DiFranco Contractors at (440)-946-2029 or fill out the form below.