Five questions to ask a Demolition Contractor in Willoughby Ohio 44094

Whether your demolition project is to have an old home demolished for a new one or there was a tragedy and it’s part of the cleanup, the demolition contractor you have has to have a plan.  Before you hire a company to do the demolition or tear down, there are some questions you should ask.

Is complete demolition really necessary?

Complete demolition of a structure is rarely the first choice.  It should only be used when the structure is beyond repair, or the costs of the repair out value the cost of the structure itself.   You should think of all the possibilities before you select a complete tear down or demolition.   This will affect the cost of permits, impact on the environment, and the overall cost of the demolition project.

Safety must come first

Safety should be the first priority of any reputable demolition contractor who you will be hiring to do the work.  This applies to the safety of their employees and of any people or property in the area near the demolition project.   Ask the company if anyone has ever been injured on any of their projects.  Also ask them what are the procedures in place if any hazardous materials are found.  Many things are possible when a demolition project starts.

Who handles the permits?

Many times permits are required for the demolition and abandonment of utilities.  Permits may have to come from cities, counties and sometimes even the state depending on the project.   Any demolition company you choose should have a thorough understanding of the permits and procedures required prior to the commencement of the demolition.

What is the process to dispose of hazardous materials?

If toxic materials like lead, asbestos or mold are found during the course of demolition, your  demolition company should have a  plan in place to handle the safe disposal of these hazardous materials.  Asbestos may need to be removed by a licensed contractor depending on the situation.  Most of these toxic materials can be ruled out before the demolition project begins and it’s best to do so.

How are the proceeds from salvaged or recycled materials handled?

Salvaged materials that are reused or recycled can help to keep those materials out of the landfill.   It can also help pay for your demolition project.   It’s always a good ideal to see if they’re are any items that may bring value before the demolition project begins.  Many items will have to be removed prior to starting the work and some may have to be removed while demolition is in progress.

There are many rules that concern both demolition and construction.   These rules are constantly changing to the standards and procedures around harmful materials.   Good demolition contractors stay on top of these changing rules and regulations.   It’s a good ideal to take some time and make sure the demolition contractor you are hiring is qualified to do the project.

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