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Whether you’re looking to replace an old walkway, driveway, patio, or driveway, or considering stamped concrete for a new area, you should consider the benefits of stamped concrete.  Many of our customers are looking to add stamped concrete to their property because of the endless possibilities. Stamped concrete is available in many different patterns, colors, and design types which will allow for you to design a custom look that’s perfect for you.  Another added plus of stamped concrete is that it is very durable, just like regular concrete. Stamped Concrete can withstand harsh winters, extreme temperatures, and traffic and is generally considered as durable as regular concrete.  It is also a good value because it will outlast many other materials in our harsh Northeast, Ohio winters . Stamped concrete is also very low maintenance and requires very little care,  most of which, can be done by the homeowner.

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Natural stone can be very pricey and difficult to maintain. A better alternative is stamped concrete since you can make it resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, cobblestone and other natural stone. Stamped concrete is much more cost effective and is still capable of looking like any natural material. Because concrete is the most popular installed surface for driveways, walkways, and patios, stamped concrete is a the best application for creating a unique design.


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Stamped Concrete Installations in Beachwood Ohio

Stamped concrete is becoming more popular due to the options when it comes to patterns, colors, and the cost of stamped, or imprinted concrete in relation to the materials it is a substitute for.

Colors and patterns are often chosen to blend with other stone, tile or textured concrete elements at the residence. A customer has many options to choose from and the pattern/color combinations can highlight the existing characteristics of your home.

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Clients considering stamped concrete often ask if it is slippery. Since stamped concrete is a textured surface, it is more often slip resistant than conventional trowelled concrete.  Like natural stone, it can become slippery when wet or if an acrylic sealer has been applied. If you plan on having stamped concrete installed in a high-traffic area, that are often wet like pool deck, an anti slip material can be added to the sealer.  This product makes the concrete much less prone to being slippery when wet.

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Concrete Patios and Driveways in Beachwood Ohio

Did you know you can have a beautiful patio and driveway made from concrete regardless of what material is there currently?. The concrete can be stamped with different patterns that resemble stone, wood, ceramic tile, and other natural materials.  Concrete can also be standard finish concrete like a broom or float finish . This is ideal not only for patios but for pool surrounds. Exposed aggregate is also another decorative concrete that is very appealing to the eye. This is when the concrete is poured and its skin is removed, which reveals the aggregate beneath. This is also good for pool surrounds, walkways and other places that get a lot of traffic.  Whether it’s regular, stamped or colored concrete, a concrete contractor can help you determine what’s best for your application.


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Leaky Basement Repair in Gates Mills Ohio 44040

No one is happy when they discover that their basement is leaking.   To make things worse, homeowners have to figure out how to go about getting basement waterproofing and it’s usually for the first time. In this post we will try to make the process easier so you can make an educated decision.

Selecting the best basement waterproofing Contractor

Finding the right company to fix the leak in your basement is important because you want the job done correctly and you want it done at a fair price. Finding a waterproofing contractor online is relatively easy as they are a dime a dozen these days.  Today, there are many basement waterproofing contracting companies calling themselves experts.  Usually, the large companies are the ones that you’ll find first on the internet as they have marketing machines.  Most of the time they will send out a professional, high pressure salesperson out, who knows nothing about the work and probably never even touched a shovel in there life.  I suggest you avoid these companies, as they have a one solution approach to your problem and there only concern is signing you up for the work, so they can get they’re commision check.

With these big companies out there, you will also find some true, hands on experts, in the field.  Generally, the same person who comes to your home to look at your problem is the same person who will be doing the work.  They have a trained eye and can determine your problem and provide the best solution for your repair.  Every home and site is different, and requires a custom tailored solution.   Water problems can sometimes be very difficult to determine and it really takes someone who is knowledgeable to determine what is really going on.  I’ve seen some of the large companies, who send salesman out to sell work, sell a homeowner an expensive waterproofing system when all they needed was some regrading and downspout work.  You owe it to yourself to call a true expert.

Factors that determine how a leaky basement is repaired

There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account in order to decide on the best method to use to fix your wet basement water issues.  There is no one solution that works for all problems.

The location of  the leak

What exactly is leaking

Foundation type.  Concrete block, poured concrete, clay or stone.

Contributors to the problem such as grade, downspout locations, storm sewer problems and water entering the basement from above grade.

Interior and exterior accessibility to complete a waterproofing system.


The waterproofing methods available to repair the leak for your particular situation.

Given the considerations listed above it is clear that a one size fits all approach is probably not in your best interest.   Homeowners often spend more money than necessary on basement waterproofing when dealing with large companies only interested in selling their services and not in solving the homeowner’s problem properly.

How basement leaks are repaired

There are several ways to fix a basement waterproofing issue.   The waterproofing methods that are available to you are a function of the type of foundation being waterproofed as well as whether the repair will be done from the inside or the outside.

Many homeowners opt for repairs from the interior of the home because these repairs tend to be less expensive and less destructive than excavation.  Unfortunately, these usually are not considered a true fix to the problem.  These interior methods do not address the structural integrity issues that may arise if a foundation isn’t properly waterproofed.  I’ve had to properly waterproof many foundations that have been waterproofed with an interior method.  I’ve also had to replace walls on foundations that have been waterproofed with that same interior method.  Even though the contractor who does an interior waterproofing project will guarantee you won’t see water in your basement, they will never guarantee that you won’t have any structural issues.  If you think it’s expensive to waterproof your basement the right way, you should get a quote for wall replacement.

Some poured concrete wall basement walls can be repaired on the inside with epoxy crack injection.  I have seen this fix some water issues on these types of basement and it’s worked quite well.  This may be an option if you have a poured concrete wall basement and have water leaking through a crack.

What drives the cost to fix basement leaks


There are many variables that determine the costs of fixing a basement water issue.  Many homeowners fear the worse and generally are afraid to find out how much it costs.  There are a number of basement waterproofing issues that have been fixed relatively inexpensively.  It’s best to have a trained eye come out and take a look at your situation.

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Cost of Concrete driveways and Patios In Pepper Pike, Ohio.

The cost is probably the first thing people want to know when considering to have your patio or driveway replaced with concrete. Basic concrete can range from $4 to $12 per square foot but there are many variables and each project is priced accordingly.   The price can vary depending on what options you want included in your concrete.   Also, if they’re an other pavement or other obstructions that need to be removed for the new concrete, those will add to the costs.  Areas that can’t be accessed by machinery are also going to be more pricey for concrete installations as the job becomes very labor intensive.  Generally, small jobs will  have a minimum charge as even though it’s a small project, the mobilization of the crew and machinery will be the same as a larger project.   If you plan on having decorative concrete done on your driveway, walkways or patios, the price will be higher than standard concrete. A concrete contractor should create a cost sheet that meets your needs.

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Cost of Stamped Concrete in Novelty Ohio

Costs to install stamped concrete varies with the selections you make and the complexity of the job. Generally, you’ll pay betwee $8-$12 per square foot for basic stamped concrete to $18 or more per square foot for more elaborate multi-pattern designs with special coloring effects.  The most economical job is a one pattern, and standard two colors, one integral and one antique

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Concrete Patios, driveways and walkways in Gates Mills, Ohio

With spring coming soon many are thinking of exterior home improvement projects.  We’ve listed the reasons below why concrete is the best choice over asphalt.  A concrete contractor can recommend what’s best for your particular application.

Less Maintenance: Concrete requires far less maintenance than other paving materials. Concretes strength and durability eliminates costly patching and surfacing.  When done properly, concrete will last a lifetime.

Very Durable: Unlike asphalt, concrete is a rigid pavement and designed much longer than asphalt.

Cooler in Summer: Concrete remains cooler than asphalt in summer making it the ideal choice for parks, patios, around swimming pools and pedestrian areas.

Major Cost Savings: The initially higher cost of concrete paving is recouped many times over through longer product life, reduced maintenance, repair, sealing and stripping costs, making concrete paving an economical choice for your next paving job.

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Questions to ask when hiring masonry contractors in Mentor Ohio

DiFranco Contractors is a masonry contractor providing masonry repair in Mentor OH

Hiring a Mason, Like hiring anyone requires you to do a little research before hiring the right one.  Below will be some questions you should ask them.  Not all Masons are created equal, so it’s important to make sure you ask the right questions for the job.


Do you have experience with the kinds of materials I’d like to use?

All Masons have specialties and all Masons have areas of weaknesses.   Some may be good at working with stone, others may be good at working with brick. Make sure the mason is comfortable working with the material you’d like to use.  Many prefer to work with certain materials and are specialists with that material.    There’s a chance you may be talking with a great mason, just one who’s not good for your project.

Do you have references?

Always ask for references from past jobs.  You can find out a lot from talking to people a contractor has worked for.  Ask if the mason was neat, clean and efficient. Did they clean up when they were done and do everything they promised to?  Another homeowner will generally give their true opinion of the masons work.

What are the payment terms?

Cost is obviously very important, but when you get past that, what are the payment terms?   Most masonry jobs require a great deal of material to get the job started, so don’t be surprised if they ask for half the money up front.  After the job is complete, and you the customer is happy, is generally when the second half is due.

Is there anything I need to do before the work gets started?

It’s generally nice to be on the same page with your masonry contractor, so you should ask if there’s anything you need to do.  Sometimes the work area will need to be cleaned up of furniture or other items by the homeowner.  Other times, you may need to have the vehicles out of the driveway so the mason can have access to the site.  Whatever it is, it should be discussed prior to starting the job so there’s no surprises.

What kind of cleanup will happen after the project?

This should always be pre discussed as it could lead to problems for both the contractor and homeowner if not talked about.   Sometimes masonry work can damage the landscaping if equipment is used.  General clean up should be included in the job costs but many times a masonry contractor will not include landscape restoration.  If it’s not written in the contract, it generally won’t be included.  If you don’t know, it’s always best to ask what is included.  Many times homeowners believe the site will look like before the contractor started when the project is completed.

Who will buy the materials?

Many times homeowners want to purchase the materials because they think they can save some money.  Sometimes they can, but most of the time they cannot.  A masonry contractor has suppliers who they use on a regular basis and usually get better pricing that a homeowner.  Also, if there’s a defective material used that the homeowner purchased, the masonry contractor will not be liable for it.  It’s always better to let the contractor purchase the materials in case any issues arise.  Manufactures will be more likely to work with a contractor for defective material versus a homeowner.

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