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Need a Home or Building Demolished?
We offer demolition and removal of structures.

Did you just purchase a property with a tear-down home or building?  Maybe you’d like to finally level that old barn or garage and rebuild a new one?  Whatever your reason for demolition of your structure it’s not as simple as just flattening it.  Depending on the age of the structure and the materials it contains (lead or asbestos) there are many safety precautions that might need to be taken.

DiFranco Contractor’s Inc. is a general contractor serving Northern Ohio with a long list of services.  We specialize in the demolition and removal of residential structures such as houses, shops, barns, garages and even small commercial structures.  Using hands and heavy equipment the building will be stripped of recyclables and the debris will be loaded up and hauled away.  We’ll leave your property as if there wasn’t even a trace of the old structure (or our presence either!).

House and Small Building Demolitions in Northeast Ohio

  • House demolition and tear-down

  • Garage demolition and tear-down

  • Old buildings and structure tear-downs

  • Construction debris removal

  • Old pools demolished and filled

  • Concrete removal and disposal

Hauling Away of Debris

Construction debris must be hauled away and removed properly in accordance with any local by-laws in your municipality.  It also must be disposed of correctly and in the proper places.  We’ll make sure that your demolished structure is appropriately handled and we’ll leave no trace behind.

Hire a Demolition Contractor with Care

When you choose us to demolish and remove your structure you get instant access to our decades of experience, honesty, and professionalism.

Request an estimate to demolish and remove an old or unused structure then please by calling 440-946-2029 or submitting the form.