Concrete Patios, driveways and walkways in Gates Mills, Ohio

With spring coming soon many are thinking of exterior home improvement projects.  Here are some of the reasons concrete is the best choice over asphalt.  A concrete contractor can recommend what’s best for your particular application.

Less Maintenance: Concrete requires far less maintenance than other paving materials. Concretes strength and durability eliminates costly patching and surfacing.  When done properly, concrete will last a lifetime.

Very Durable: Unlike asphalt, concrete is a rigid pavement and designed much longer than asphalt.

Cooler in Summer: Concrete remains cooler than asphalt in summer making it the ideal choice for parks, patios, around swimming pools and pedestrian areas.

Major Cost Savings: The initially higher cost of concrete paving is recouped many times over through longer product life, reduced maintenance, repair, sealing and stripping costs, making concrete paving an economical choice for your next paving job.

If you would like a free estimate or more information about concrete repairs or installations in Gates Mills, Ohio, and surrounding areas, call DiFranco Contractors Inc at (440) 946-2029 today!

Gates Mills Ohio residential commercial concrete contractor

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