Concrete Patios and Driveways in Beachwood Ohio

Did you know you can have a beautiful patio and driveway made from concrete regardless of what material is there currently?. The concrete can be stamped with different patterns that resemble stone, wood, ceramic tile, and other natural materials.  Concrete can also be standard finish concrete like a broom or float finish . This is ideal not only for patios but for pool surrounds. Exposed aggregate is also another decorative concrete that is very appealing to the eye. This is when the concrete is poured and its skin is removed, which reveals the aggregate beneath. This is also good for pool surrounds, walkways and other places that get a lot of traffic.  Whether it’s regular, stamped or colored concrete, a concrete contractor can help you determine what’s best for your application.


Do you need an estimate for concrete installation or repairs in Beachwood Ohio? Or are you looking for more information? DiFranco Contractors  can help!

Concrete driveway Patios walkways Beachwood Ohio Contractor

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