Concrete Driveways and Patios – Chagrin Falls Ohio

Pros:  Very Long lasting, depending on the weather, exposure to deicing chemicals  and subbase preparation, concrete should last at least 15 years and sometimes more than 50 years with sealing and proper drainage maintained.  Many different styles of concrete pavement are available, from plain concrete, to decorative concrete such as stamped or colored concrete.

Cons:  You’ll have to wait seven days for the concrete to cure before you can drive on it.  Patios will be able to be put to use almost immediately as they don’t have to support the weight of a vehicle.  Cracking is inevitable, especially in freeze/thaw conditions  such as Northeast Ohio, and repairs stand out.  Concrete can’t be placed over top of existing concrete like asphalt, and should be sealed to protect it from staining and deicing chemicals.  Oil stains are difficult to remove and colored concrete fades over time especially if a UV protectant sealer isn’t applied regularly.  Concrete placed with pour workmanship and bad design will not last long.  You should only have a reputable concrete contractor place concrete for you who will stand behind their work.

To receive additional information on your concrete driveway or patio project in Chagrin Falls, call DiFranco Contractors Inc at (440) 946-2029 today!

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