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Concrete Contractor  Shaker Heights Ohio 44120

DiFranco Contractors specializes in providing residential concrete services, commercial concrete services, industrial concrete services, and municipal concrete services throughout Shaker Heights Ohio. We use quality materials and believe in old world craftsmanship. Every concrete job is specified and engineered to work best for it’s application. Our 25 years of concrete experience means we know which materials work the best for every application.

A  new concrete installation  is only beneficial if you start with  a solid base. Every base needs to consist of a mechanically compacted gravel base with the proper materials.  Most of the concrete we place includes a superplasticizer admixture to keep the water and cement ratio minimal which leads to higher strength, more durability, and longer lasting concrete. We also double reinforce the concrete with rebar for primary structural reinforcement, and fiber, for secondary reinforcement.

Finished concrete is coated with a curing and sealing compound so it reaches its design strength and is protected from the elements. The combination of the mentioned items, makes our concrete work last.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your concrete construction project in Shaker Heights OH then please give us a call 440-946-2029 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be getting right back to you.