When sewer lines break, they can cause havoc in your household, and while no one likes to think about the costs involved in sewer line repair or replacement, they’re absolutely necessary.  Without sewers, you basically cannot use any of the plumbing in your home.  In Chardon, Ohio, sewer replacement can be complicated by inclement weather, which means reliable sewer line replacement should take place as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some common signs that you need sewer line replacement:

  • Sewer lines  run through your yard on the way to the city sewer system beneath the street or in the tree lawn.  If the sewer line breaks or ruptures, you may spot a wet patch in your yard that’s not usually there.   Or the grass and vegetation around the leak may suddenly look greener in a certain area.
  • Nothing gives you a better warning of a broken sewer line more than a scent of sewage.  You might notice it in your yard around  the location of the sewer line.  It may also smell in your house as a ruptured or broken line could push sewer gases back into your home if your interior plumbing is old and sub par.   Regardless, this probably suggests a blockage or a break in the sewer line.
  •  A blockage in the sewer line can cause your drains backing up, or the water levels not draining as fast as the they should. You may also see your toilet acting strangely, like bubbling after it’s flushed.  The toilet may also may flush very slowly.

Regardless of your storm or sanitary sewer problems, DiFranco Contractors Inc, can diagnose and repair any sewer issues you may be having.  We can usually save you money compared to a plumbing contractor as we specialize in sewer repairs.  Many plumbers don’t have the equipment to perform a sewer line replacement and sub contract the work to a sewer contractor marking the work up for a profit.

We’d look forward to helping you with your sewer repair or installation needs in Chardon Ohio. Give us the opportunity by calling DiFranco Contractors Inc., at 440-946-2029.

Chardon Ohio Sewer repair replacement contractor

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