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When remodeling or constructing a new building, masonry can add never ending beauty. Even if you don’t know what materials you will be using for your masonry project, picking the right masonry contractor is the most important step for a quality job.  There are several things you can do to find the masonry contractor who is the best value.

Getting a Good Price

The first thing people want to know is how much will it cost.   It’s important to get a few different contractors to give you an estimate to make sure they are all in the same ball park.   Depending, on how busy, how good, or if the contractor wants to do the project, the prices can vary greatly in some occasions.  Some masons are just better working with some materials than others and they become more efficient with that material.  Some are production oriented, and only want to do non detail oriented work.   Talk to your contractors and make sure they understand your expectations.

Quality Workmanship

Many people think price is the only thing to consider when hiring a masonry contractor, but quality is really what’s the most important.   Many times the difference in prices between contractors directly reflects the quality in their work.  Make sure you ask the masonry contractor for some examples of their work.   If one contractor’s price is significantly less than the others,  It is likely that they do not fully understand the quality you expect.

With the internet, it’s very easy to find reviews of contractors you may hire for your masonry project.  Using online reviews and recommendations from friends and family will generally help you make the right decision to hiring the right masonry contractor for your project.   Finding a contractor that will do the highest quality job that will last is your ultimate goal.

Please contact DiFranco Contractors Inc if you’d like an estimate for stone, foundation, brick, block, fireplace or any other type of masonry project In Aurora, Ohio and the surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio at (440) 946-2029.

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