Basement Waterproofing Shaker Heights OH

Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement Waterproofing Services in Shaker Heights Ohio

Basement waterproof is often necessary when a home or building has a basement that is below grade (meaning below the ground).  The last thing you want or need is water leaking into your home and it’s a very real problem for thousands of homeowners across Ohio on an annual basis.  Finding a professional basement waterproofing company with extensive experience is key to solving your problem once and for all.

DiFranco Contractors Inc.  is a waterproofing contractor that offers both interior and exterior basement waterproofing in Shaker and the surrounding area.  We fix basement leaks in residential homes, commercial buildings, and any structure that has a below grade area that needs to be repaired.   We can fix any water issue including clogged drain tile and blocked storm sewers.  Generally, exterior waterproofing is the preferred method that we will use because it’s the most permanent fix but in some instances the interior methods will work just as well (and they can be less expensive).

Be cautious of any company that offers a combination interior/exterior method for all problems, as it’s generally a glorified interior method at the full cost of a premium exterior waterproofing.

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