Basement Foundation Waterproofing Mayfield Ohio – What to Expect

Walking into a waterfilled basement is one of the worst situations for any homeowner.  Basement moisture problems can result from a single issue or a combination of many.  Whatever the reason is for your basement water problems, you need a professional that can fix it right the first time.

There are number of  systems that can be used for waterproofing your basement. The type of system used will depend on the actual cause of your water Issues.

Starting with the source of your problem

The source of your problem must be identified and this will guide the  basement waterproofing contractor on what solution to use.  The first question to ask  is how water is making its way to your basement.

Check your water drainage systems including the downspouts and gutters to make sure that they are diverting water away from your home and not toward it.

A professional with a trained eye can identify many other issues that may be causing your water problems.

Be sure to get estimates and opinions from different companies

When your basement floods, you’re likely to jump at the first solution provided by the first contractor.   It is however important to get several estimates and opinions from different contractors.  This will verify that you are paying a fair price for the work.  Also, speaking to a few different contractors will really give you a good ideal on what really needs to be done.

A contractor must come to your home to inspect the property and evaluate the situation.  Be very cautious of anyone that doesn’t give everything a very thorough look as they may be very inexperienced.  Often time, large waterproofing contractors send out professional sales people that know nothing about basement water problems and have a one solution method.

Choose a contractor that uses the problem solving approach

One system doesn’t fix every problem, even though many of the large waterproofing companies want you to believe that.   Every water intrusion problem is unique and needs to be treated that way with a custom tailored solution.

In most  cases, foundation waterproofing in Mayfield, Ohio, 44143, problems are the result of a combination of issues.  Very rarely is it a single issue that is causing your problem.  A one size fits all solution is usually not the best method to repair your basement waterproofing issues.

Every homeowner should educate themselves as much as possible before hiring a contractor to waterproof their basement.  An educated consumer will usually have the tools necessary to hire the best contractor for the job.

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